Buying Blocks and Burning Bridges

Well, the monetisation of Everquest next landmark has been outlined on the forums and I have to say that I’m not very impressed with their plans, so much so that I might just get a refund if that’s still possible. Games have to make money of course and I expected the usual ftp options but this seems a little to integrated within regular gameplay systems to the extent that I’m worried about it.

There is a post available on the forums with the current plans for monetisation across the alpha and beta stages, much of which is the usual fair. For some reason I expected SOE to be a bit more innovative in this regards: they’ve had a wonderful marketing strategy so far, they are championing new game play types we don’t see much in the AAA space and it was hard to not be wrapped up in the initial hype. A new modern multiplayer minecraft, that’s like gaming nirvana but what we got just isn’t hitting the mark for me anymore.

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Progress Report: Lounging around in Landmark

Hello everyone and welcome back to another exciting weekly recap of your favourite… hmm no… all round OK. NO, the blog you put up with.

To be honest haven’t really had much variety during the week. I’ve been doing dailies in Hearthstone and building my decks further. I was playing the warlock a lot more this week but realiese now I don’t really like it. The card advantage you can get is good but I’m not that great at captilizing on it just yet and certain rush decks just annihalate you if you don’t get the right cards. Might go back to shaman some more.

I Now have a 2 star restaurant in Cook Serve Delicious which starts upping the challenge a lot more. Coordinating that menu dishes can is much more multitasking now but manageable most of the time. It just involves creating a menu where you can change-up the timing. I enjoy the ones you prep and then cook as they give you that extra time.

I ended up trying the Challenge set forth by Doone, the american challenge menu and did very well; a combo of 50 which put me in the lead. Of course I bragged in Twitter to very soon after the master chef himself beat me, and quite convincingly. It’s all recorded on his twitch channel too for the world to see (20 mins in). The number to beat is now a huge 77, which is out of reach at my current restaurant level… but I will have revenge in the next challenge

Now the rest of your regular broadcast will involve me praising Landmark so STAY TUNED!

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Loving Landmark

I am absolutely enthralled in this little alpha at the moment. Each night after doing the usual chores and such as well as filling my belly I quickly jump on and begin doing one of two tasks: digging or building. EQN Landmark is incredibly simple in its aims and goals right now, there will be far more coming in later but at its core it is a game just about gathering and building and I’m increasingly thinking that this is all you really need.

It’s A project that is very incomplete and buggy right now, as can be expected. I think everyone has tales of input lag, rubber banding, and all manor of other animation, crafting and creation bugs. It isn’t very well optimised and my computer is struggling a little and there are frequent world wipes. Alpha is Alpha so don’t expect some sort of fully formed game if you are playing.. relax and enjoy what they do have. Or get a refund and jump in later.

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