Dark Souls: The Church Challenge

For these vids I was mostly around the church area, exploring the spaces around it, the harder enemies and fighting the two bosses in the area. The lightning one seemed a bit hard for now so I focused on the Gargoyles above the church and eventually took them down. I was so pumped after this, my heart was beating and that moment of elation lasted a bit longer

Part 9: Crushed at the church

Exploratino around the church and the elements that are there. Clearing out enemies nd getting some more souls. Take on the two mini bosses in the area, the Knight and caster, and end up killing them pretty quick.

The next two are lots of trying and dying to the two bosses, bit of a challenge for the melee type like me

Part 10: Destroyed by Demons

Part 11: Grounded Gargoyles

Final fight of the Gargoyles here starting at 28:30

Let’s Play Dark Souls: 6-8

More dark souls dying. This time I start exploring the space after the big ugly a bit more. The bridge area and around the church

Part 6: Mosquito Bandit
Figure out that I can snipe the dragon from under the bridge and declare myself the mosquito Bandit because of my death by a million cuts play. Or more just irritating the beast.

Part 7: Pummelled by pumba
Getting into the church space and getting killed by Pumba, the big armores piggie.

Part 8: Battle of the Big Sticks
Where I try to tackle some of the other mini bosses in the area. The other warriors amd get flattened.

Let’s Play Dark Souls – Battling the Big Ugly

Lots more Dark souls fun and failing. Still very much getting used to the mechanics of the game and combat and a lot of general grinding for some more stats.

Heaps of boss fighting and getting splatted by the big ugly Minotaur thing although I did finally beat it in Part 5.. YAY. Progress starts speeding up a lot from here as I think that was the main difficulty wall to get over for a while.


Dying in Dark Souls: part 1

Yayyy!!… finally getting some time to get into dark souls now and making my way through the game. Dying a hell of a lot by, well everything. It is kind of fun though.

Anyway here’s the first part of my first ever lets play, so nervous about this haha. This video is abit darker than i would like and I think I’ve cleaned up future videos a little more than this. Hopefully the commentary is ok and WARNING.. this game makes me swear a bit… well a lot.