My Anime of Old

I’ve been on a bit of an anime kick again lately but tinted of trying out all the new interesting  titles I’ve been meaning to I’ve instead hopped in the nostalgia train and began watching all my old favourite animes.

And doing that I thought I’d take the opportunity to write what those are and why I loved them so much.

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Progress report: Catch-up Chronicles

It’s been a while since I did a round-up of all my activities and adventures, I don’t know why just more felt like doing other things. It has been the busy Christmas period with family of course, cooked the usual lunch for everyone that went well. Kind of nice to do it even though it’s a big day and more of coming and cleaning it up. Wouldn’t do it all the time but fun once in a while.


That wasn’t even all of it which is funny.
Baked ham was really yummy as well


Now that you’re drooling a little I’ll continue with the other stuff.

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Progress Report: Animalia

It’s been a busy week all round for me which I’m so not used to at the moment. The last few weeks have been me just lounging around consumed with the ArcheAge release and now, now I actually had to do things. It’s been good though as I kind of need that kick to go out and be busy as otherwise I would happily do nothing.

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Progress Report: Animeted Adventures

Hello there intrepid travelers from far away places, come forth to the warmth of my hearth and share in these hearty Tales. Tales from lands far away; of strange places and people, of amazing animals and events. Of me sitting in front of a computer and mostly playing games.

My anime addiction continues on this week and I was wondering what to watch.

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Progress Report: Going Back to GW2 and Firefall

Come listen to a story about a blogger named jewel,
a poor little gamer always looking like a fool.
Then one day when grinding on some mobs
and up from neglect came a lot of boring jobs

cleaning that is, Study time, boring stuff.

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A Kill la kill Critique

The woefully idiocentric and completely crazy amine, kill la Kill finally ended its season a few weeks back and I’m still trying to determine whether the show is the most blatantly sexist, otaku pandering bullshit or some sort of brilliant parody of the genre and it’s culture. The one thing I know is that the creators feel comfortable with their show in such a way that it does reflect so well on the culture surrounding it. So is it genius that deserves to be a new cult classic or a perverse, and often times intelligible sexist dribble that needs to be buried.

Oh, and holy shit I just wrote a tonne of word spam

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Progress Report: Anticipation and Lost Interest

Such a long week at work because I was just so, mad with the wait for Elder Scrolls Online. The week was seriously not fast enough but it was still fun being wrapped up in that excitement and anticipation.

Emotionally, I weirdly had one of those breaks that sometimes happens when you’re under a bit of stress and just can’t handle it any more. It’s a lot of things at the moment: exhaustion, finances, study stuff, and some other personal things that wraps up into a big ball of mind mess where you want the world to just fuck off. All good now though thank you very much.

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Progress report: Animated Adventures

It was time for study again as I was putting it off and over the course of the week and weekend I completely finished another module. It is kind of a race to finish it by June next year now as the course structure will be changing which will involve invalidating some of what I’ve done and adding new subjects… More work overall is bad.

Of course being a week that was study orientated I more amused myself with easier to pick up games and management types where you can let run by themselves. I’ve been putting on a fair bit of anime as a way to entertain the during study although most seemed to be dubbed and ended up taking more of my attention. They were just soooo GOOOOOD.
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The Progress Report: 22-10-13

If you were to ask me what I’ve played during the last working week I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you. I really did nothing more than frivolous internet exploring things. I was just feeling so tired, a feeling coming from the curse of narcolepsy that can overcome my gaming exuberance from time to time.
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Progress Report: 15-10-13

*imagine a news midi in the background*
Welcome back viewers for this week’s The Progress Report staring your favourite rambling host J3w3l! It seemed to work out having these two bits separate as it’s not an insanely long post anymore.. plus I hadn’t written this yet and it gives me more time

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