Building in Terraria

I’ve shared my awesome Pirate ship previously and after that long effort I kind of got burnt out on building. But now I’m back again finally polishing up some of the pirate ships visuals and decoration. Porting over my costumes and weapon and building a bit more of the ocean town

OOO.. and this time I has video


Planet Explorers Preview

Planet explorers… another boring survival type sim without any real charm.

the end




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Now that I’ve got the gear basics, the quest gear and Hasla weapon I’ve been focusing more and more on the crafting aspects of Archeage. I’ve been farming all along, bananas and sheep to make a little gold and for trade packs but the other trade skills have mostly gone untouched. Well not entirely, it’s funny just how much the random crafting you do refining things and such actually gives you over time so I have a reasonably amount experience in quite a few crafts.

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Archeage and Areas of Balance

There is a huge amount of content within Archeage to do and like I’ve said before a lot of it is, and can be entirely PvE centric. There is a wealth out there to do to, Activities that if you are careful can be completely free from unfriendly intentions. A quick list of stuff goes something like:

  • Questing – can all be done in peace modes
  • Dungeons
  • Farming
  • Housing
  • Crafting – far deeper than most mmo’s
  • Economy
  • Trading
  • Exploration – for tree farms and pretty sights
  • Fishing
  • Treasure hunting
  • World Bosses

All available to play with if, but not exactly when you please without recourse. Waiting for Peace times is a good idea of course and half their are many spaces that are entirely safe. It’s a huge feature list really.

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Progress Report: Archeage Gear Grinds

YAY for more gaming this week and I’m pleased to report that not all of it was spent in Archeage… most of it was just not all of it.

I’ve been making a lot of progress in Archeage over the week and completing some of my first big goals. That march towards level 50 is still ongoing but I’m up to 46 now. I’m not completely wrapped up in levelling or anything and I’m high enough now with enough experience that i can defend myself or at least cc the main threats enough that i can get away. The main things I’m doing and are interested in don’t even really need you to be level 50. For the PvP it certainly happens but our guild group tends to make up enough for that.

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ArcheAge: Working and Wandering

I still can’t believe how much I’m still playing ArcheAge. I’m getting on in the afternoon just about daily and even in the morning with my tea for the sole purpose of tending my family spaces. I don’t exactly why it has resonated so well with me when so many recent titles haven’t. By now I’m usually winding out of my release time insanity and searching out new games and experiences but I’m still solely playing AA.

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Trading Times in Archeage

Well, While waiting in the queue for the night I thought I’d share a few more tales from the nights past and just my progress in game so far.

My first major goal is complete now and it feels pretty good. Just last night I was able to finish up the trade quest line and now have my large scarecrow farm that now resides in the Hellswamp. Going from only one complete to the whole quest chain took a bit of effort, I had all of the ingredients ready in the bank and on my character but it’s putting it all together, figure out what to use with which and where and then getting it done.
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Group Goals and Personal Progress

I might have come across a bit negative in my last post when the reality is that I’m quite happy with Archeage at the moment. When you’re just talking about all those launch week issues, and there are a lot, it tends to be overly negative but when looking at the picture as a whole I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m enjoying it enough to put up with all the issues quite happily which says a lot about the experience.
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Archeage Adventures

The Open Beta for Archeage has absolutely consumed me over this weekend. I went into the beta a little cautious about the game as it wasn’t exactly the sandbox I was looking for. It didn’t have many of the modern Bells and Whistles I’ve become kind of used to over the years either or that flashy and constantly demanding style of play that keeps you bouncing around the screen. It’s vastly different than that and it was a bit of a shock because of it.

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Loving Landmark

I am absolutely enthralled in this little alpha at the moment. Each night after doing the usual chores and such as well as filling my belly I quickly jump on and begin doing one of two tasks: digging or building. EQN Landmark is incredibly simple in its aims and goals right now, there will be far more coming in later but at its core it is a game just about gathering and building and I’m increasingly thinking that this is all you really need.

It’s A project that is very incomplete and buggy right now, as can be expected. I think everyone has tales of input lag, rubber banding, and all manor of other animation, crafting and creation bugs. It isn’t very well optimised and my computer is struggling a little and there are frequent world wipes. Alpha is Alpha so don’t expect some sort of fully formed game if you are playing.. relax and enjoy what they do have. Or get a refund and jump in later.

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