Everquest Next and Concern for Crafting

After the recent Everquest Next dev highlight video that specifically focused a bit on the resources and harvesting system I’ve been searching for more information about what to expect in regards to Everquest Next Crafting and am surprised that there still isn’t really anything out there. What we got from the developer video was a little bit more clarification on previously discussed mechanics but it still isn’t enough to fully understand what exactly they are planning.

They unveiled a tiered resource system, all up now that is 5 categories each with 10 types and then 5 tiers to these – sounds ok so far. Having a complex web of resources to use definitely makes gathering and crafting more interesting and it will help along with the feel of a large world filled with wonders to explore and plunder. But, they also clarified that the tiers of resources will more or less correspond with the depth of where they were found… hmmm. Can I just  say fail now and be done with it.

I can already envision the exact same runs of Orr looking for Orichalcum Ore in GW2 except this time it will be looking for tier x of copper in the lowest level in a large open world.  I love how they have a range of materials that will each be useable in a variety of ways but talking about tiers makes this appear to be the same as just about every other mmo crafting system out there. It seems like the same funnelled and forced progression of creating new tiers while obsoleting the old one and creating a defined end point or zone.

Now I have nothing against tiered crafting progression, it works in the usual themepark model; Firefall even has its own version of tiered loot that I rather like. It is the obsolescence of vast amounts of areas, events, dungeons, and items that makes this system so terrible for a more open ended experience. Now for a mmo claiming to challenge the lofty heights of sandbox mmo’s like Star Wars Galaxies having such dramatic change in crafting away from a more open-ended system is rather puzzling.

I already discussed the mechanics of crafting that were revealed during the initial announcement and subsequent news spam wave and what I heard sounded good. A range of materials, each being useful in its own way but now it looks like this tiered system changes everything. I just don’t see how it can go any other way but into an economy that places emphasis on end game items and material and a restricted amount of content that is worthwhile for progression.

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Modernising Roles and a Lost Love for Healers

The recent Everquest Next reveal has seen a lot of really interesting posts debating it’s apparent lack of holy trinity combat system. I think it all started with a post at Tales of Aggronaut regarding the interests of players who like the trinity system and the developers apparent dismissal of it in the name of fun. I admit after reading that post and thinking about I became rather angry.. I calmed down, deleted the rant that was sitting in my drafts and started again.

I was sad at first as I love being a healer, it is a role I have played for many years in mmo’s with organised groups and without. In PvP battlegrounds, open world, and even in lfg raids. It is a part of my identity in these mmo’s as I first and foremost identify as a healer… Have a look at the blog title, that’s how much I enjoy healing. After playing GW2 for a year I miss healing so very much, trying out my Elementalist made me realise I miss it even more. Aside from that they give people a defined role and a style of play that is meaningful and important to them. It is something that appeals to our base personalities which make them so important to our gaming identities.  Just because it isn’t as popular as a hybrid or straight DPS shouldn’t make it less important as healing offers a certain unique playstyle withing mmo’s that really appeals to me and many others. Here’s why I like it.
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Everquest Next Blogger Round-Up

A round up of all the blogs I’ve read recently that having something to say about the recent EQ Next reveal, and there are quite a few because I’m cukoo crazy. Sorry if I missed you.

  • Gaming SF – Partial on the combat system, interested in the events, and awed by the environment
  • Ardwulfs Lair – Muses on the core mechanics.. combat, creation, and player actions. *update* has a few new posts with notes from the Q&A panels
  • Aggronaught – Is intrigued by the voxels and wonders about the possibilities
  • Spinksville – explains How to create a successful Sandbox by creating a world people want to live in
  • ECTMMO – gives some general opinions


  • Herding Cats – has a quick talk about armor style and the tech
  • Far Beyond My Capacity – has a couple concerns about the destructibility and their decision making abilities considering many of those past blunders
  • Hardcore Casual – As usual he’s Cynical regarding anything not named Darkfall
  • In An Age – Has one of the best critical analysis of the announcement and certain issues he see’s with  the Dynamic World

Everquest… Next?

Well it looks like Everquest Next is another MMO , in an already bloated upcoming schedule that I really want to try. So far though it looks like it is going to be my top choice out of all of them as it appears to be trying something new. New… yes we’ve heard that a lot lately, they have some interesting ideas but who knows at this stage how it will actually work on a live server with thousands of people. Development priorities change as we have seen from GW2, so an interesting ethos isn’t necessarily what we end up getting due to the pressures of industry. Still, the dream is there.

They have definitely marketed this a lot better than the recent MMO titles. I really hate the long drawn out production/marketing cycles that we have been getting as there is just so long between awareness and play, enough that by the time the game is releasing all the hype is practically gone. It’s hard to be enthused for a product as strongly as when you first find out about it. I’m guessing the title is still maybe another year off going by the gameplay and visuals they showed but that Landmark title they are bringing out will be a great way to build an honest connection to the title which will hopefully transfer over. If I can build my house or guild hall in advance that is even better.

Ok enough about my optimistic first impression let’s get into the nitty-gritty
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