Faithful Fans and Helpful Haters

I really don’t like “fans” of a specific game any more. It’s a term that used to have many positive connotations, a descriptive you would and could wear with pride but now days it just seems to come with too much baggage.

I like a lot of things and I love a select few but even now I don’t think I could call myself a fan of anything in particular. I used to envy those people who felt strongly enough about something to call themselves a fan and yet, here I am using it as a negative. They used to be held up on a pedestal to admire, amazing knowledge on everything and helping out where they can but now, it’s more a smug idiot trying to prove their superiority complex. Lets be honest as well and say they are becoming a bit of a joke in the regular media as well.
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The Toxic Gaming Community

This isn’t my own writing and is ripped off the Tera Forums from around the start of the year but with the way things are going with so many big names duking it out in the mmosphere lately it seemed apt to post it. Not to mention the really rabid “people” posting filth which has been highlighted over at Diminishing Returns and In An Age. It seems as though something needs to change and fast before we all rip each other to shreds and give ourselves a bad name to those looking in. Our gaming community really is sitting quite precariously on the edge, not that violence isn’t fun but lets leave it for the battlefield
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