GW2: The Collection of Collaboration

Recently Arenanet began seeking a greater amount of collaboration from the community regarding the future direction of Guild Wars 2. This is a long time coming in my mind. It seems for a while they have been adamant in their own artistic vision for the game, often to the exclusion of all outside communication. They have swayed from this occasionally, and sometimes rather widely but I have seen a distinct adherence to their ideas and metrics.

Now after over a year of operation they are after the players opinions on a range of subjects and there is a post enabled based on each subsection of the game; PvE, SPvP, and WvW. Disregarding for a fact just how inadequate the forums are for such a project compared to other avenues as well as the systems created by other companies, I am glad they have begun this very important step as no matter how smart or prepared you think you are there is nothing like getting a view of what the players want. Many companies are now doing this well before release and in the planning/development stage as they have become aware to the value of this sort of feedback. Welcome on board Anet.

I actually went over the PvE collaboration post as I was really interested in what the players were asking for. As my brain usually does, it cringed at the haphazard and chaotic nature of the forum and so, I categorized it all based on a several key categories and many minor ones.

Now I finished up at the end of page 12 as it is too hard to keep up with a page that keeps getting added too. It is also not a perfect count of the categories either, I know I made many mistakes along the way, missed splitting key categories, missed categories until later on and so on. I also only put in actual posts rather than counting the likes.

Here it is if you’re wondering. Extrapolate your own conclusions or continue on for my own rambling of the results.

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Terrarian Thoughts

I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s to offer in Terraria this time around and the overwhelming feeling I have is that playing Terraria online with other people is a better mmo experience than most others out there. It has a lot of what I’m after mechanically and I what of what should be there to create and engaging virtual world
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Progress Report: 15-10-13

*imagine a news midi in the background*
Welcome back viewers for this week’s The Progress Report staring your favourite rambling host J3w3l! It seemed to work out having these two bits separate as it’s not an insanely long post anymore.. plus I hadn’t written this yet and it gives me more time

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TESO: A Path for PvP

I have to admit that I’m still really looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Online in the next year’s mmo rush more so then any other. I still know very little about how it will function compared to the other mmo’s coming out which is strange though as there has been a steady stream of information from posts, videos, interviews and Q&A’s; the many different pieces are there but I still can’t envision the whole. I am at the stage where I just need to experience it myself, especially the combat and customisation system in order to understand it.

The one part I’m still not sold on is the end game questing they envisioned. Exploring the other factions environment and stories seems like a great idea to extend the questing experience and give completionist a greater goal to achieve but to me it just seems like it is missing something. From what I’ve read your exploration of other factions zones are instanced away so that you can’t interact with those people. It didn’t make sense from a lore perspective to not have a kill on sight order for those people and so you get ostracised away. To me, questing in an instance of a rival faction in isolation seems like it would be a boring and rather lonely experience.

It needs something to make it exciting, to add a greater sense of challenge to it and maybe even make the experience more dynamic. Hmm, what better way then adding some PvP to the mix

Invading Instances

This is just me being a masochistic PvP enthusiast but what if, when travelling these other faction zones the people from these factions could chose to invade your instance and try to remove you from their homeland. I imagined a kind of Dark Souls Experience where you would be able to find specific items in the world that, when used enable you to invade another players instance in certain areas or in a variety of ways. You could be yourself at timesor maybe even an animal, monster, or Daedric lord with it’d own unique collection of skills to use. It would be announced to the player that someone has invaded their instance, a big beware and then then hunger games begin.

It would certainly make experience more interesting for many people and it kind of fits in with the lore they are expanding on. Three great factions that what to plunder the lands of the others while protecting their own.

It seems like it could fit in well enough, it’s already instanced and it could easily be an option as some wouldn’t want there quiet questing ruined by us unruly gankers. For those that do opt in it would be able to reward more of those pvp aliance points that enable the access to specific pvp abilities and skills, offering an alternative route to gaining those specific skins. Just chucking in a few achievements with awesome titles for the PvP enthusiasts such as defending their lands or explored in the face of adversity would be enough. This way it just gives another outlet for the pvp population to enjoy in the down time and brighten up the questing experience.

Mechanically it only involves adding a few extra Matchmaking systems. It would actually be rather balanced too considering that both parties would be at max level as that us when you’re able to begin these quests. I assume groups can quest together so why not groups teaming up against them, the number of players can be easily balanced.

I support the decision that TESO isn’t going to have any arena fighting, that seems to divide the community too much in regards to updates and how to balance for the modes but adding more options is definitely a good thing. The amount of interest in GvG combat in Guild Wars 2 shows it’s a good idea to add reasonable options and alternative activities. It’s definitely not a mainstream idea, most people wouldn’t like it but it would certainly add an experience that is different from the the other competing titles.


NBI: Unusual Advice from a Baby Blogger

Hello to all you prospective newbie bloggers and even those out there looking for a little advice. Now I’m fairly new when it comes to this game blogging community of ours and make no pretence to knowing it all or even being a blog to aspire to. I have made many mistakes already in regards to my blog with how it is structured and what is written but because of this I’ve also learnt a bit from my mistakes and misgivings that may be of use. I’ve already written one little guide that went over the basics I learnt in my first year, here though I wanted to explore some more personal points that don’t get as much attention as the fundamentals.
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Review Rage

If you’ve gone anywhere near the comment section of gaming sites that recently reviewed GTAV and gave it a less than stellar score you might have seen a certain amount of vitriol focused towards it and the reviewer that dare not give it a 10. It comes as no surprise of course but I still can’t help think when seeing this that enough is enough.

I don’t understand it but some people believe that their opinions are always right, that there is no other opinion and that everyone else who disagrees with that is personally attacking them. When I see a review I often compare it to my own opinions but the difference is that I understand they are reviewing an experience, you may look at technical components like music, graphics, functioning and the mechanics but it always comes back to how the game made you feel. And you know what, that is often the most valuable part of a review. The structural pieces will pretty much give the same experience between people but it is how the game interacts with your interests, skills and ideals that makes it vary.

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Pacing In My Play and Worlds

I try to be a responsible adult most times and get a reasonable amount of sleep most nights, getting a reasonable 7-8 hours. Last night though I ended staying up till midnight and I have no idea how it happened.

I’ve said before how much I enjoy playing Card hunter, it has an interesting aesthetic and gameplay that sucks me in but I didn’t realise just how much. I noticed the clock around 9 then the next moment my hubby is telling me it’s midnight and we should probably go to bed. I haven’t lost track of time this badly in a long time and that’s how you can tell an amazing game. The thing is it’s not the quest for loot that keeps me going forward, I was actually just grinding out levels last night; it isn’t the aesthetic or story either. It is that Card Hunter just gets the pacing perfect.
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Hunting Cards and Boards

It has been an interesting weekend of gaming so far but not in the way it usually is for me. Most of my play goes into mmo’s and then various other shooters I am interested in the time…occasionally a strategy based game. This weekend I was lined up and ready for the Turn based, DnD themed Card hunter and I am still enjoying it immensely. The Launch has gone really smoothly so far, a couple of maintenance times when the server went down and a modicum of lag… I call that just about a perfect launch when you’re talking about online games. (Although it’s down now, hence me writing this)
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Shadowrun Returns

I fell in love with the visuals and themes of Shadowrun Returns the minute I entered the game as it is a genre that appeals to me far more than any Medieval or fantasy environment. It’s gritty and mean but has so much contrast with the mix of old, new and futuretech as well as having complex political themes that resonate with many of the issues in a current political and capitalistic climate. It takes on the logical extremes of our world and creates something mysterious but filled with intrigue.


Back in the land of schooling and such I used to play the cyberpunk PnP from time to time as well. That is an amazing rule system filled with abnormalities you might not expect but also very flexible to the chaos players add. It thrives off it in many ways and ends up create a remarkably unique experience. Now i never got into it much further than a few playthroughs but I still remember my time playing it fondly.

It hurts me to say with how much I enjoy cyberpunk that Shadowrun Returns just bores me. The pacing is pretty good, the characters are interesting and the story is both amusing yet utterly fantastical. But somewhere along the way it lost my interest and I didn’t go back and now that the laptop is back I have no intention of downloading it again in order to finish.
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An Open World Idea

If you watched the recent livestream from Guild Wars 2 at Pax it would have been hard to miss the mini revolt happening in chat at times. A few of the GvG supporters were making a stand/ or fools of themselves by expressing their anger about certain areas of the game in the public chat.

It was an appalling display but in saying that I understand the sentiment. It’s hard not to yearn for more regarding the interests you like in a game you love. Coming from a game like the original where GvG type conflict was a main attraction to here where it is ignored must be infuriating; going by the unofficial GvG Leaderboards it also offers a unique PvP experience many are after but can’t satisfy in WvW or SPvP. I just finished writing a post for pretty much the same reason although where mine had touches of sadness theirs was pure unrestrained anger. It is a valid response at times but it was a display that probably did more to harm their cause then help.

I’m not here to debate the merits of this argument but to outline a certain idea that would solve a lot of the ills the PvP community has been facing.

Bring Back Open World PvP

Haha no, I’m not advocating for some sort of slaughterfest that many imagine when the term “open world pvp” is used although that could be fun. No, what GW2 needs is something a little bit more restrained and structured than that but also something that is more competitive
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