A Sheep among Wolves: Darkfall

I admit that I am still a Darkfall noob, a hardcore PvP noob, and maybe even a little bit of a carebear despite my lust for combat. Apparently, by these social tags I’m probably not suited or even welcome in Darkfall, so decrees the trolls in global chat and the forums. I’m ridiculously stubborn though and very much wanted to experience this exclusive hardcore club I’d been missing out on and so far it has been a rather interesting experiment to say the least.

For me as it is a very new experience in terms of mechanics and gameplay as it is so far from what I’m used to; battlegrounds and instanced affairs mostly with the occasional no risk open world pvp. Suprisingly the experience is growing on me and after a couple of weeks of really not that much play I’ve started to get more and more into it. I still mostly have no idea what I’m doing or have any defined goals, I am unaware of feats I should be maximising for prowess or even how to allocate my stats and I’m perfectly happy with that.

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