Project Zomboid and Surviving in Style

This is for all those recently getting Project Zomboid from me, And soon from I has Pc as well (who’s also running a give-away).

It’s a tough game at times and one that often runs counter to how we are used to playing zombie style games. It isn’t the type where you can just go out blind, throwing caution to the wind and aiming for the most zombie kills. It just doesn’t happen like that due to its more, real world, common sense style design.

It’s also a game that has a little depth to it and a lot of systems that interact. A lot of things that are hidden underneath too, like reasons for the mood and their affects on you, or illnesses and the effects of the environment. Overall there is just the overwhelming idea that you are supposed to be taking care of yourself rather than becoming the next Rambo, or saviour of the world.

You’re a survivor but as the splash screen says… this is how you die and that will often be rather quickly. To help that number maybe rise a little bit more I thought to give some handy hints for Surviving the Zombie apocalypse.

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Prison Architect and Building a Bigger Prison

MAde another video wooo, but so many troubles getting it all figured out and still haven’t found the right foprmat to render in yet for good quality but minimal size

Anyway for this one I just ramble on about my process while building a large prison in Prison Architect. I give a few tips I’ve learned and just why I build like I do.

Archeage and Class Combinations

With the looming Head start of Archeage I’ve been consumed with trying to figure out what type of build I’m actually going to level up and use for the game. It’s only a couple days away now and yet I’m still wracked with indecision and constantly revising builds on one of the Class Calculators.

There is a lot to figure out too as you make your own particular class by picking three classes out of a possible ten but there are many ways that this can go wrong and completely gimp your class. Luckily there is an easy respec option that even retains all your experience in the classes you swap out on but it’s still something you kind of want to get right the first time as leveling up a class without quests involves a lot of mob grinding.
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ESO Dungeon Delving: 41-43

Now that I getting up in the levels I have to say that the dungeon design and mechanics are  getting better. Before the 40’s I think they were mostly easing into what they want these experiences to be but missed the mark in many places. Now everyone pretty much has their build worked out and you have a lot more mechanics that play to this during the dungeons.

Its less the chaos it was during the early play but there is still an element of chaos to the encounter as, as a tank you really can’t aggro everything. First that would hurt your health quickly and with blocking that much you’d run out of Stamina. Second you don’t have the skills in order to aggro groups. It’s pretty much up to your companions  during these encounters to look after themselves and each other while I pick up the main threats, It’s actually rather enjoyable as it seems more to do with personal accountability than relying solely on your tank and heals.

There is still the large pack design for your standard trash mobs, round them up and spread the fire around. Sometimes there are some certain Key mobs but that’s still the exception. They are definitely throwing a lot more at you at certain points which does require a lot of coordination.. and me bouncing around the room with shield charge.

I actually tried all the dungeons this time around and enjoyed them all, a good mix of mechanics all round  and since there isn’t much info on them all just yet I thought I’d do one of those boring guide/Rundown of the dungeon.

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Elder Scrolls Launch Tips

The launch of Elder Scrolls Online is nearly upon us and there really is nothing like getting wrapped up in that pre launch hype. New mmo smell, it’s the best. It seems like I’ve been waiting for this for some time now, a new big AAA mmo to get involved with, to be immersed in and to have fun discovering all the little details. It’s an exciting time to be involved with that initial community engagement around a game while much of it is still an unknown. Before many secrets and spoilers… to bodly go where maybe a few have before, if you’re fast enough.

For an early access you often want to get the most out of it but there are often a lot of new things to learn, mechanically and regarding changes to gameplay and this can be a little disorientating at first.  A member of TKG, Mollify created a wonderful list of tips to help though and I thought it would be great to share

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Hearthstone: Troll Shaman

Well, I maybe mostly played just one game this week. Hearthstone and yes, please send help. I got hopelessly addicted to the arena’s this week and trying to work my way back up the ladder. It’s been a frustrating failure in a few ways, only making it to rank 13 but rather fun too. Instead of going on about that for another post  I thought I’d write an overview down of my Shaman deck instead.

I don’t have a special names for it just yet as I’m really not that imaginative when it comes to naming things. I believe Izlain called it my troll shaman deck so, let’s go with that. Yes, the character for a shaman is a troll but it’s also a play on words being that the deck can really annoy with how it’s got an answer for just about everything… Barring getting card screwed of course. It’s a deck I believe could take me further if and when I get a cuple decent legendaries and of course with lots of luck.

Anyway, here it is

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5 Top Tips for Hearthstone

It seems blizzard has unleashed a new gaming plague on the world that, like World of Warcraft will ravish the genre and corrupt all nearby into its steely jaws. Their products have always had this certain pull, a pull I often can’t resist and this one seems no different. Hearthstone. Get ready folks as you’ll be hearing a lot more about it this year.

A collectible card game that isn’t even out of beta yet and has already eclipsed anything else current, or being developed within that genre. It will be a phenomenon.. rightly or wrongly so is really up to the individual. It seems I’ve fallen prey to its influence as well. I’ve been dutifully completing my dailies, constructing my own decks and jumping into the deep end of the arena. It’s been good and I’ve enjoyed my time so far.

There is just so much to learn though so to help others I thought I’d give my top 5 tips for getting the best Hearthstone experience.

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Elder Scroll Overview: Combat and Customisation

unnnh Time for the series of Elder Scrolls Online posts I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. There is actually a lot of information about ESO out there but unfortunately it’s spread across various sites, posts and interviews and as such has been rather hard for many potential players to understand the mechanics of the game.

It has also spawned a ridiculous amount of uniformed opinions in regards to what ESO is and isn’t which seems to be driving much of the negative criticism for the title. Of course some of that hate is legitimate but I just aim to Inform a little more over the next few days with a few guides relating to the various aspects of the upcoming title.

and awaaaaay we go
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NBI: Unusual Advice from a Baby Blogger

Hello to all you prospective newbie bloggers and even those out there looking for a little advice. Now I’m fairly new when it comes to this game blogging community of ours and make no pretence to knowing it all or even being a blog to aspire to. I have made many mistakes already in regards to my blog with how it is structured and what is written but because of this I’ve also learnt a bit from my mistakes and misgivings that may be of use. I’ve already written one little guide that went over the basics I learnt in my first year, here though I wanted to explore some more personal points that don’t get as much attention as the fundamentals.
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