ESO Report: Worldly Ways

I seriously can’t wait for my upcoming holiday as it will be the first really break I’ve had in quite a while. I had a little time off over Christmas but as is the case during that period it’s usually quite busy for me with seeing family as well as having family over at my own house. I really can’t wait.

I’ve just been so exhausted lately and I think this is why I’ve enjoyed the levelling pace of ESO more than I usually would. Being able to sleep in for a while and just relax a bit more will be great. Plus, I might just make it up to level cap after. It won’t just be gaming, there will be a nice weekend away with the hubby but most of it will hopefully involve me, the laptop and a comfy couch.

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Aiming for Immersion in Online Worlds

Immersion means a great deal to me when it comes to mmo’s. I love that feeling of being entranced by these world’s and to feel like, by extension, that I am a part of it. They are a type of game that encourages people to delve deeper into and become a part, and to spend vast amounts of time being a part of. I honestly believe that everyone who enjoys mmo’s seek out to feel a sense of immersion but the way we feel about it and the areas that promote this feeling can be very different.

To me it isn’t really how my character looks, they could be a mere 8 bit monstrosity for all I care at times. It isn’t the costumes I wear and collect, the combat I enjoy or any sort of challenge that might be out there. It isn’t the complexity of crafting or even the depth of the characters. My immersion is dependant on the world itself.
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Rekindling a Secret Flame

It has been a long time, so very long but I’m finally jumping back into The Secret World. It has been an absence of a few months now and as time has gone on the pull towards the world has gotten stronger. And on the weekend I caved, the mmo junkie went back for a quick story hit and it was wonderful.

I had tried to get back in a couple of weeks back, loaded it up and promptly felt over and underwhelmed all at once. I had no idea what I wanted to do, I tried something of which I did poorly and quit. This time though I took my time getting into it. I didn’t try any missions and just spent what felt like a couple of hours spending my Funcom points on lots of new purty outfits and then went about designing the new look. It felt right starting it this way as I was reconnecting in a more personal way with my character, learning about them once again such as who they were and who I wanted them to be. The wardrobe makeover was also a way of molding my character for the future. Once this was done I was once again feeling more immersed, but still not quite ready for random questing.
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