Buying Blocks and Burning Bridges

Well, the monetisation of Everquest next landmark has been outlined on the forums and I have to say that I’m not very impressed with their plans, so much so that I might just get a refund if that’s still possible. Games have to make money of course and I expected the usual ftp options but this seems a little to integrated within regular gameplay systems to the extent that I’m worried about it.

There is a post available on the forums with the current plans for monetisation across the alpha and beta stages, much of which is the usual fair. For some reason I expected SOE to be a bit more innovative in this regards: they’ve had a wonderful marketing strategy so far, they are championing new game play types we don’t see much in the AAA space and it was hard to not be wrapped up in the initial hype. A new modern multiplayer minecraft, that’s like gaming nirvana but what we got just isn’t hitting the mark for me anymore.

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Monetizing the Masses

Captain Nerd Rage is back once more to champion the forgotten causes, the bad forum rhetoric and those completely illogical conclusions once more. Of course it is time to delve further into the realm of GW2 blunders and to bring you another rant for the ages. Over that hump of sadness and remorse, it was a gloomy time I admit but onward to a time of good cheer (for me) and ridicule.

So reading over twitter the last day and a couple of people were commenting on the payment models; debating between subscriptions and free to play schemes when Guild Wars 2 was brought up as an exemplary system. Really? This one over all the others… I know the buy to play scheme is sooooo in vogue right now and I actually do like the idea of it as a payment model as it theoretically should avoid many of the dire consequences that come with being free and swindling your customers. But this one… No… freeking…. way.

*Danger.. DANGER Will Robertson. Stupendously confrontational Rant Ahoy *

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Temptation and the Weak Willed

I bought gems and quite a few bucks worth.. I feel dirty and don’t know why.

At the start of my guild wars play and even before that I had high aspirations of being able to fund my accounts necessary components through playtime, what a fool I was. It seemed simple enough at the time to forgo any sort of uber material possessions in exchange for many of the quality of life or oh so cool cash shop costumes. At one month in I could barely afford any sort of upgrade except for a single bank slot (I also spent about 2 gold on dyes back when the exchange rate was terrible.. DON’T JUDGE ME), I also recently contributed to our guilds leader getting a commander book which set me back most of my little nest egg.. I like to give to excess at times which although beautiful is also quite crippling. There was so much extra I needed to make my account feel more useable and closer to complete that I had probably started exhibiting an external tick every time one of these points would irritate me.

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