NBI: Unusual Advice from a Baby Blogger

Hello to all you prospective newbie bloggers and even those out there looking for a little advice. Now I’m fairly new when it comes to this game blogging community of ours and make no pretence to knowing it all or even being a blog to aspire to. I have made many mistakes already in regards to my blog with how it is structured and what is written but because of this I’ve also learnt a bit from my mistakes and misgivings that may be of use. I’ve already written one little guide that went over the basics I learnt in my first year, here though I wanted to explore some more personal points that don’t get as much attention as the fundamentals.
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Newbie Bloggers Words Of Wisdom

A year of blogging has come and gone for many and I can’t help but feel a little excitement regarding this, regardless of those that have departed it really was a great success in my mind. I remember the event quite fondly. Before that initial idea popped up bio break and a couple other bigger blogs and news sites were all I read. I was content with the basics and a small insular world of gaming… it was comfortable in a way. Once that event began I started exploring these new blogs, reading new thoughts and ideas, principles of gaming, and accounts from games I’d never touched or heard of. I wanted more and more and kept checking in blogrolls across sites. I delved into the world of RSS feeds soon after because the bookmarks section was a complete mess.

Get Smart

The newbie blogger event came and went and not soon after I thought, “I could do this”… “no, I want to do this”. And so Healing the masses was born and, like with most big events I missed it by that much. Oh well. Weeks went by, than months and surprisingly I was still writing and enjoying it even more than when I started as I am sure many are now as a result of the Newbie Blogger Initiative. Matticus had a wonderful suggestion in the previous newbie blogger post about maybe getting people to talk about their experiences during their first year of blogging and I think this really is a wonderful idea to keep expanding on the newbie blogger idea.
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Newbie Blogger Initiative Info and Guides

EDIT – Great forum for all newbie bloggers. The new Newbie Blogger Initiative


Ok, so it turns out that the Newbie blogger forums are no more unfortunately and coming into the one year anniversary of the event it seems a shame. Syp at Bio Break began it all but the forums were a hive of networking that helped a lot of great blogs get started,  a decent amount which are still active . Shadowspawned over at world’s end Tavern posted a list of all the blogs that started and their current status, ocho has a wrap-up of his favourites, and I’m guessing there will be a few more over the week.

What upset me a little about the nbi forum shutting was that there was a wealth of great guide to blogging posts. Luckily for me, back when I was going through that information it was badly organised so I felt the need to categorise it for my own use… Yes, I’m cukoo crazy about organisation. I’m messy as hell but everything has its proper place to be packed away.

Anyway here’s the list.. Oh and feel free to take this list for a better resource page if it every pops up.
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