A Self Hosted Solution

So Yep, after all this time I’ve decided to go the self – Hosted route. Setting it up doesn’t seem that hard, just incredibly time consuming. I’m probably going the blue host route so if anyone has a referral code I can use to get some contributions feel free to put it below.

I’ve been reading up a bit on css formatting of late too, and have become adept at reading and mostly understanding that inspect element stuff browsers have so setting it up, and with a little personalisation will take a bit but should be achievable.

Along this line I’m just wondering what you all think about blog layouts. What it a good style to have. what works for you and what do you look for in the style of a blog? what makes it easier to read for you? Rss will always be fully open, but the rest is up for debate.

The main thing I’m Thinking about now is just what to call the blog. Do i go for Healingthemasses.net, htmgaming like the youtube or some kind of other name. Really wondering about that as it’s a name I would want to keep from then on and kind of want to get it right.

So Suggestions for a name below would be appreciated.

Progress report: Adventures of the Unemployed

Hellooooooooo everyone and welcome back to the now so weekly Progress report. I can’t of dumped doing this a bit back as I really didn’t have the time, or it was cutting too much into gaming time and I didn’t have that much I wanted to say. There were a few games I might have skipped over because of that as well as the stuff I’ve been watching and doing but.. oh well.

And now it’s back, hopefully as with all the down time lately with being unemployed I seem to have a lot more time for gaming. It’s funny though because it’s more now that I have the time for all my random web searching, funny things, reading blogs, watching tv and anime and just general house stuff and so I have that time solely for gaming in the afternoon most of the time. It’s nice… someone please find me a wealthy donor so I don’t have to work though haha.

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Liebster Love

Well it seems those blogging awards are doing the rounds again. Usually I tend to back out form them, being the grinch of blogging and all but this time I might just join in as it’s a great way to share a little more personal information about myself as well as support other bloggers.

First I’ll just say thanks to Both Aywren and Doone for nominating me
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My Anime of Old

I’ve been on a bit of an anime kick again lately but tinted of trying out all the new interesting  titles I’ve been meaning to I’ve instead hopped in the nostalgia train and began watching all my old favourite animes.

And doing that I thought I’d take the opportunity to write what those are and why I loved them so much.

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Awesomely Unemployed

So I am now officially unemployed. I handed i my resignation a few weeks back as I needed to give some notice before the finale day. I worked out that time and surprisingly the boss ad owners weren’t complete tools during the entire time like they have been to other staff that were leaving. Of course I’ would have liked to see them try haha.

Yesterday was my last day and it was nice to say goodbye to everyone, colleagues and parent’s. I’ve been there quite a while and looked after many of the children over the years there and it was nice to see how much the parents cared and appreciated my work. Got some sweet pressies too although I think the drawing from one of my toddlers was particularly awesome. She loves space ship pretend play which I’m happy to join in with so she drew a little scene for me, mum putting in the names of course haha.

And now, here I am. Thursday morning doing nothing and unemployed


I had a months worth of Holiday pay still owing so that should be paid out with my next pay that gives me a lot of leeway to find new work. Child Care is an industry with a lot of turn over too so hopefully it won’t be long before I find a position somewhere. I’ve sent out the resume, rug a few people already and general done a little of searching but mostly leaving all the footwork till monday. For no it’s time for a bit of a relax.

I am still thinking about it though. I am wondering if that was the right move. Leaving a paying position is always a gambit when you don’t have something already lined up but it’s one of those things, especially for me that I kind of have to do it in order to be more vigilant in more searches. It still something that plays on your mind though, the worry for the future, what the next job will be like and, I’m guessing with a little more time the people and children I worked with.

looking back

Of course now I have a lot of time on my hands and a lot of plans to catch up on. I have a notebook bristling with ideas that are begging to be written down. I want to make some more youtube videos of course, not sure what just yet but there will be something. OOOO.. that dark souls playthrough haha. I have been thinking about using this time to get my blog self hosted too, that is a little scary though …. and a lot of work. Wondering if the benefit is actually there.


Oh and now that I am unattached send all job offers through. And you developers, I’ll totally sell out as well 😉


The Mood for Youtube

So I’ve been steadily making reviews for the youtube channel now, going for 1 a month and mostly getting there. The problem is I’m not sure if what I’m making is any good. Yes, we all say that when creating new content I guess but this time I more feel like the style of review I am making just isn’t me.

From what I see they are just far too stuffy and analytical, that just sounds and feels unnatural to me. My written style is more expressive and that and I want to portray that more within these short reviews. It’s not that I think this is how it should be done, I have always been more interested in the experience people tell when giving an impression and that’s what I tend to do too.

The Project Zomboid one was probably close to this, and probably one of my most watched because of that but then for the Armello one it was way too stiff.

I think I am still a little bit nervous about this whole talking so much stuff, especially since I know they quality of the mic isn’t the best, or good. It seems, like most things this whole youtube content creation business is a lot harder than it looks.

Anyway, I think I’ll keep at it. It portrays the message of certain things a lot easier than written and having gameplay is always good. The problem is I’m still not sure what type of content I even want to create just yet.

Thoughts appreciated

Also, just wondering what people you watch on youtube as well and why?

Sylvari Drawing and Colouring

With a few people talking about drawing lately like MMO Gamer and on the twitters like Missy I’ve been kind of feeling the mood again too. I haven’t drawn much in years although, that is except a sylvari inspired outfit I was working on.

sylvari armour

This got me thinking about trying to actual colour it, not just with the coloured pencils I have around, in a box somewhere within the office clutter, but actually tryign to paint it digitally.

So I set to work in GIMP once more which I don’t think is terribly optimal for such things. I outlined the major points in Black, zooming in pretty close and folling along the lines with a small black Pencil. I then tried addings some block colours and realised that there were holes in those lines everywhere so I had to go over them all again.

I Then created a duplicate layer with these lines and placed it just underneath on the the Lines layers, that way if colour bleeds over a little the lines will still keep it clean.

Then I added the block colours to the picture.


From there I duplicated this layer and then began using the magic colour wand tool thingy to select base colours and add a little gradient to it. This seemed to work out pretty well although still doesn’t have the depth I wanted. From here, which I did a bit on the chin line, is adding some darker shading and blending it in. This layer is actually above my base lines as then you get those black lines peeking through after you’ve blended a bit creating a better, but smoother definition.


Seems it’s working out (except for the feet, GRRRR) but taking a loooooong time. I probably should read up on how people actually do this instead of how I kind of fumbled around to do it


Building in Terraria

I’ve shared my awesome Pirate ship previously and after that long effort I kind of got burnt out on building. But now I’m back again finally polishing up some of the pirate ships visuals and decoration. Porting over my costumes and weapon and building a bit more of the ocean town

OOO.. and this time I has video

New Year Blog Report

Welcome to the New year everyone and I hope it brings you all the happiness you wish for and deserve.

It was a bit of a weird year for myself and gaming in generally really. A year of disappointments from many big companies which left indies to fill in the gap, a position they filled wonderfully and it’s great to see how much more attention and praise these smaller titles are getting now. MMO’s seemed to be in a weird place too with a few big releases that failed to really gaing traction and a lot of other bumbling by the industry in general. Check out The ancient Gaming noob for a good recap of year in MMO’s.

It seemed to be a huge transitional period for gaming as a whole. There was widespread growth of the medium into other areas and what seemed to be the start of a greater understanding and approval. Unfortunately this was mostly squandered by a certain group and movement. Hopefully in the year to come we can make up that lost ground, will probably be a bit easier with the new ground that has been tread and the way the media is generally now focusing on a broader more inclusive culture.

It’s been a great year for the blogging community too, especially in these here parts of the interwebs with a lot of events to bring everyone together through writing and gaming. Izzy has a good write up of those happenings, and there were a few.

Newbie Bloggers

I also want to give a little praise to those blogging out there on their first year, it is a rather exciting time to be in as a blogger but also one of uncertainty. You all did amazing and I’m so glad to those that have added there stories and experiences, and  who make this community that much more wonderful. Now some where more active than others, and there is a couple in there that weren’t part of the nbi that I just started reading but all are worth a look.

7 days a week

Shots Fired by

Ash’s Adventures 

Girl Grey

Mr luvva luvva

The game snark

Mystical Mesmer

A Hobbits Journey

Endgame Viable

Game Introspection

Gaming Conversations

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Lowkey Gaming

Missy’s Mojo

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Simcha and Alts

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Clean Casuals

The Bind Point

Through Wolfy’s Eyes

Weekly Wizardry

I really need to add these to my widget space, oh and if I missed you feel free to yell at me a little, or maybe leave a comment.

Blog Business

Anyway, moving onto my own blog and it seems to have been a good year. Steady growth of numbers and views like usual and A LOT of word spam. Rather happy with how it all ended up overall and amazed that I’m still doing it haha. LIke seriously, I don’t stick with anything. Especially things that involve writing.

I predict another year of pretty much the same although there are a few changes I would like to fulfill. I still want to move this to self-hosted site, just for the added flexibility. I do want to write a few more reviews of the games I’m playing and have played as that was an aspect I think was a bit missing here. I mostly wrote about them all in my progress post but then I think having a separate post regarding initial impressions is probably better.

I also miss my rants. There were a few this year but not nearly enough and not nearly as abrasive. NEEDZ MORE… Maybe some more one word posts for kicks too…. and page views.

As for the rest of the blogs content and eventual evolution, suggestions for content and such are always welcome although there were a few from the year passed that I never ended up doing and probably should go back to.

Youtube stuff is kind of fun although I’m definitely still sticking to the virtual paper more than it. I like writing and it feels more natural than voicing stuff. If I have the time I might turn written reviews and such into vids although that’s not really a priority and even if it does happen the written version will always be posted when it’s finished… usually in the same unedited state =p

Other youtube stuff like let’s play’s might continue….not sure. It takes more work than I thought, not too much but enough that it takes away gaming time and HOLY SHIT do I have issues with video recording all the time. Uploading stuff also takes a long time on my net, terrible speeds some I’m limited to 1 video a night … and thats for your basic 30 minute type. Longer videos will usually be cut up to compensate and it’s because of this that I could never see myself streaming at all.

And thats it really. Same old blog, same old space, on the same old bat channel. Happy new year… And welcome to a bright new future of ranting and raving from yours truly

Abandoning ArcheAge

So it’s now been, I think 3 weeks since I’ve been in ArcheAge and I haven’t really missed it. I was playing rather intensely and then took a break when the family was up and staying at our house and then, only logged in once more and haven’t been back.

There are a lot of mechanics to draw me back but they just didn’t work any more. I had a few farms and farmhouse over down in Hellswamp which often served as the staging point for my trade runs as well as just random sheep tending and killing to make money. I was slowly earning and upgrading my character through this which was nice.
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