Couch PODtatoes 10: Attack of the Clones

Welcome back people of the Pod. This week we welcomed back Doone, mainly to pick on him but also for some great discussion of ethics in the gaming industry. This week we delved into discussion about Cloning, not sheep but how creating copies of game mechanical or in spirit seems to be a common thing within the Industry.

The main point of discussion was around the game threes, a mobile game a lot of people seem to have played that involves combining multiples of three into higher and higher combinations. It saw a lot of clones pop up almost immediately, some which have become more popular, seen greater numbers of downloads and even make more money.

We tried to define what’s different within these clones ethically in regards to outright cloning or iteration on an idea in order to make something your own. A product that iterates can be a good thing in how it refines a mechanic or genre and can create some wonderful products that appease greater or different demographics. Overall it applies to MMO’s quite strongly as well as many companies seem to want to copy a game that has seen greater success but this doesn’t seem to work when they’ve already gained the greater market share.

Lastly we thought about how to actually solve the problem but the options provided don’t seem very likely.

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 10: Attack of the Clones (runtime: 1:10:35)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:10)
Doone’s Digital Frontier: (starts at 21:28)
Idiots on the Internet: Jackie Chan’s Son (starts at 55:52)
Community Talk: Aggro-Range (starts at 1:03:33)

Idiots on the Internet article:

This week we looked at Jackie Chans son getting charged for possession of Marijuana with intent to sell in CHina. Discussed the legality and our own opinions on it.

Community Spotlight:
This week we talked about a post over at Aggro-Range looking at the different Archetypes within the gaming community. We all gave our own opinions on what we are as well as what we thought each other were and it seemed pretty accurate. One thing we thought is that it does seem to change based on your mood although still pertaining to a certain structure. I definitely within the middle column at all times although I have been known to be all 3.

It also gave us some time to tease Doone.

Discussion Articles:
Authors response to clones
Gabriel Cuirulli response (original clone) “Why games don’t have to be good anymore”
Threes! on iTunes
2048 web game

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Couch Podtatoes 9: #Blaugust Bonanza

For this weeks Podcast we took a more communal approach as we have been seeing a lot of amazing posts and ideas coming from the Blaugust Initiative and wanted to discuss some of these further.

First we went into a bit of the news as well as what’s been happening so far with gamescon, the games we are interested in and what else is happening with the consoles.
From there it’s discussions on exclusivity and cross platform play.
The rest centered around gaming monogamy, in particular with mmo’s and a large discussion regarding wow and the Ten questions for ten years initiative. Afterwards we wondered if Blizzard were intentionally sunsetting the game in favour of sending players to it’s other franchises.

So sit back, strap in and enjoy the ride

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 9: Talking Points (runtime: 1:08:43)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:10)
Talking Points (starts at 12:14)


The Links

Gaming Conjecture and Game Exclusivity (only on Xbox, etc)

The Chindividual and Cross-platform MMO’ing

Bio Break with To be Monogamous, or not to be?

Game Introspection with On balance in pvp-oriented games and MMO pvp

Alt:Ternative has the 10 years, 10 questions initiative (original, WoW) and Mystical Mesmer with their own GW2 take on it

Keen and Graev and is Blizzard phasing out WoW

Idiots on the internet

This week was the wonderful business acumen of a Ubisoft Analyst proclaiming that the League of Legends f2p model is “bad for business” but great for consumers. Seems to be great for both.



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Couch PODtatoe 8: Nostalgia Trip

This post should have been up a lot sooner but.. I forgot about it haha. Anyway, I’ve backdated it a day just so it stands out a little but forgive my laziness.. blame it on Belghast

PODTATOE TIME PEEEEEEPLES, A place where I seem to make even less sense than usual.

This weeks discussion focussed around Nostalgia, the way we seek it out and how media seems to be focusing in on this area lately. It has seen a lot of discussion in the community of late to so why not give it a little podtatoe action.

WE discussed a bit about what nostalgia means to us and how we approach it and what elements of nostalgia we enjoyed. We then look into the elements we think help nostalgia in appealing to us as well as what turns us away.

The larger discussion we had centered around using popular or well known I.P when creating a remake or bringing back a certain I.P into the mainstream. There were a few games and movies we discussed here as well as pointing out a few articles we’ve read recently. In the end it seems I’m ok when it comes to changing the plot and even the themes and aesthetic but when they change the personality of characters or the game.. the feeling of it which is pretty hard to describe.

And the question we leave you with for this pod is what nostalgic game experience would you dig up for a remake?

Articles related to the discussion:

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 8: Nostalgia (runtime: 55:38)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:14)
Discussion: Nostalgia (starts at 13:55)
Idiots on the Internet: Gamestop Credit Card (starts at 43:20)
Community Talk: Simcha’s look at the present (starts at 50:44)
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Couch PODtatoe 7: Sandbox Round Table

For this week we had our first ever round table discussion and it was great to have more people along. It was a much bigger discussion point so it was great to have the venerable Roger from Contains moderate Peril and the Adorable Missy from Missy’s MOJO. It’s actually rather hard to organise these things, Izzy handled getting everyone together but I just mean enabling everyone space to talk without certain people (me) overwhelming the discussion. It’s funny that the more we do this the more comfortable I seem to become in putting my point across.

Now I still get nervous about doing all this and am not comfortable with hearing myself, although most people aren’t but it seems once you get into the flow of things you kind of forget all the issues you have and concerns for the end product and just have a natural discussion with someone. It’s weird though as when talking to people usually I’m quite the opposite, talking a lot and being fine with a friend or even new colleague but then once it gets to a small group size I retreat back into my shell, preferring the reserved thoughtful approach.  Sometimes I end up not even adding to a conversation and just nod my head and say yeh a lot.

I think that comes down to my more introverted nature. It’s not scary beign in a group or talking that way but more some sense of not wanting to break the current conversation, or butt in with my own opinion. Online tends to remove a lot of that so it feels more free to discuss things which I guess is great for a podcast. I don’t think i will ever be 100% comfortable or even overwhelmingly positive about the experience of podcasting but will hopefully become comfortable in time.


This week’s discussion, the sandbox and talking about the elements we enjoy and a few big parts that make up the experience. The definition of sandbox was the first talk and it’s odd just how confusing that term has become and well, how it can encompass so many experiences.

There was talk about having elements of PvP in games, how they are incorporated and the effect they can have and I think we came to the conclusion that these are some elements that improve the experience but there need to be certain fail safes there. That it can’t just be gank happy but have elements that protect but still allow flexibility.

There was of course discussion about economy and whether or not it is a required feature for an mmo to work. If it is included what style of crafting should be included and just how deep should the rabbit hole of economy go.

Lastly there was progression, and just how far it should go. Are levels a good thing, do you need power growth or are horizontal elements of growth just as important. Oh and then we talked about the interest in survival type games lately and whether this would make for a good mmo. Would player needs and permadeath work in a more persistent environment.

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 7: Sandbox Roundtable (runtime: 1:05:47)

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Couch PODtatoe 6: Successful Sexism

Welcome back yall to another exciting adventures for PODTATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

This week the oh so loveable DOONE joined us once more for an exploration of the DIGITAL.. DIGITAL…digital .. FRONTIER. A time where we explore the culture of gaming. For this weeks discussion we delved into the subject of Successful Sexism and yes, that does sound like an oxymoron at first but it will make a lot more sense once you listen a little.

In part it was an interesting discussion. We talked a bit about certain games that used stereotypes or certain characteristics of woman to drive gameplay in new interesting ways by not just making such things a part of the story but a part of the gameplay.

We also discussed the culture of stereotyping in general and how it seems to matter about the intention of the material being used, it can still be a terrible representation but the thought implies being placed in meaningful. Those that are used without thought are the really issue but even when thinking about those, and the more blatant examples of sexism and stereotyping it seems they can still be successful in how the elicit debate around the issues.

Well, continue on for more conversation and leave your thoughts or examples of Successful Sexism Below

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode  6: Successful Sexism (runtime: 50:36)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:53)
Doone’s Digital Frontier: Successful Sexism (starts at 16:00)
Idiots on the Internet: AREAL Fail(starts at 39:09)
Community Talk: Blaugust (starts at 46:08)

Idiots on the Internet article:

For todays idiot on the internet article we had the strange case of the Areal Kickstarter wherein in was subject to many claims of scamming, backed up by information that mostly turned out to be false. It seems like a campaign was organised to discredit the company but then the didn’t do a very good job of countering these claims and adding some legitimacy to their project. It seems like it’s ended in a strange situation where you really can’t tell which party is right.. or which is the idiot in this case.

Community Spotlight:

Belghast: Tales from the Aggronaut
the article:

A call to action for bloggers to write everyday for the month of Aughust but also to try being a bit more personal in the information you write. there are a few guidelines though and check out the post for more information

The Guidelines

  1. Write a New Blog Post no less than 10 sentences in length.
  2. Include a link back to the Blaugust Initiative page
  3. Advertise the post on the Blaugust blog – you will be given permissions to do this
  4. If you Advertise the post via twitter, please include #Blaugust hashtag
  5. Over the course of the month, repeat this 31 times.
  6. Profit!

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Couch PODtatoe 4: Enter the Esports

In case you didn’t know so far I am a terrible Podcast Cohost. I’m often late to our internet meets and then speed another 10 minutes chugging down a tea.. maybe another 5 hacking up whatever has loged itself in my trachea over night. I had to leave Murf and Izzy to their chattering for a part of it because other circumstances arose that needed me (namely forgetting to wake the hubby for an appointment and then proceeding to help him get ready in record time).

I also take waaaaaaaay to long in posting this little wrap up. The podcast was up a couple days ago now and while I was going to do it the day after I .. hmm.. didn’t forget just got into one of those gaming trances. If you want up to dat accounts of our pod bound antics well then… you should probably keep an eye on IZZY more than me.

Anyway, this weeks podcast saw us delving into the madness of MOBA. Trying to decern what exactly that means and the many complications related to the acronym. What exactly is a MOBA and what other genres are kind of similar. Personally I think the name itself, removed from the acronym seems to be a good descriptive of the game type now, a couple years ago no but now with many other games taking up the mantle yes. It’s become a household name in a way.

We then discussed the nature of esports as they are now and where they’ve come form. From a groth from a smaller niche community of events like evo to the massive 10 million dollar powerhouse it is now. We also argued over what exactly a sport is these days: the use of the term and complications for using it as an umbrella term.

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 4: Esports (runtime: 1:10:37)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 2:23)
MOBAs and Esports (starts at 9:47)
Idiots on the Internet: GTA Biker Gang (starts at 55:23)
Community Talk: The Steam Personal Challenge (starts at 1:05:02)

Idiots on the Internet article:

Biker Gangs in GTA and the idiocy they get up to.

Community Spotlight:

Aywren of issues the steam personal challenge. This year these things have been really popular and it made us both think about our accounts and I’ve been playing through some ever since

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Rise of the PODtatoe

Welcome to the very first episode of Couch Podtatoes *cue applause*. An exciting new venture by Izlain of Me vs Myself and I and ME of well …here. This was completely out of my usually comfort zone as I’m not the most talkative or outgoing sort of person and was very nervous going into it. I prefer the written medium or even just talking to people in person, when it comes to the phone or internet I just freeze up. It’ just feel icky but I think I’m getting over that… maybe.

It’s also because… I’m really not fond of my voice. I have allergies, quite bad allergies that fill me with all that yucky stuff and being Australia, the land full of terrible pollens it ends where I mostly sound throaty and scratchy. Add asthma to that where you strain to breath sometimes and that’s a bad combination. I’m sure breaking my nose a couple times over the years hasn’t helped either haha. Oh yeh, and mornings, especially freezing cold mornings at 6am suck.

Maybe if I get over these jitters I might feel comfortable making some Youtube style videos… maybe.

Anyway here’s the stuffz, be gentle and of course feedback is appreciated. .


Show Notes:

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:41)

Endgame Mechanics (starts at 19:23)

Idiots on the Internet: Valve Prank (starts at 36:40)

Community Talk: NBI (starts at 44:34)


Idiots on the Internet article:

NBI Award winners:
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@L4playtime | “Looking For Playtime” Frontline Champ
@puckbyter | “Tweak LOTRO” The Avatar
@simchaandalts | “Simcha’s Many Lives” Accolade of Intrigue
@doctor_hannah | “From the Desk of Dr. Hannah” Prolific Pen
@braxwolf | “Gaming Conversations” Promising Star – Best overall
@ranzingtonscout | “Ranzington Scouts” Promising Star – Best genre-specific

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“8-bit Superhero” by Excision & Datsik (from the album X-Rated)
“Built For Sin” by The Black Dahlia Murder (from the album Miasma)
“Rat Race” by Bigwig (from the album Reclamation)
“Enchanted Rose” by Bury Your Dead (from the album Beauty and the Breakdown)

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