Quick Look at Boid

a new early access title that seems quite polished for what it is with an intuitive ui and gameplay with a lot of map options. It’s a game revolving around territory control and capture points. Some points create new mobs while others turn these into a variety of different classes. The gameplay is then creating a strategy from the units you have available, controlling your space and capturing new points all the while battling your opponent.

There are a lot of different maps to choose from, each with their own strategies and difference in CLass types available. They all have varying difficulty too when facing an AI enemy. There is some Multi-player too and while the game sI have played did work well, there doesn’t seem to be many playing just yet.

Project Zomboid Preview

You already know how much I love this game.. just thought I’d make a youtube version professing my undying love as well.

Project Zomboid and Surviving in Style

This is for all those recently getting Project Zomboid from me, And soon from I has Pc as well (who’s also running a give-away).

It’s a tough game at times and one that often runs counter to how we are used to playing zombie style games. It isn’t the type where you can just go out blind, throwing caution to the wind and aiming for the most zombie kills. It just doesn’t happen like that due to its more, real world, common sense style design.

It’s also a game that has a little depth to it and a lot of systems that interact. A lot of things that are hidden underneath too, like reasons for the mood and their affects on you, or illnesses and the effects of the environment. Overall there is just the overwhelming idea that you are supposed to be taking care of yourself rather than becoming the next Rambo, or saviour of the world.

You’re a survivor but as the splash screen says… this is how you die and that will often be rather quickly. To help that number maybe rise a little bit more I thought to give some handy hints for Surviving the Zombie apocalypse.

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Diary of the Damned: Corpse Walk

Early day start again and getting ready to explore the neighbourhood again. I feel like I should be clearing out the nearby houses; easier to bring stuff back from the close houses and I feel like it would be good to get rid of any inhabitants in case I need to leave my house in a hurry. You know if it gets comprised by those things…or starts burning down around me again.

I.. unnnhh…

can’t hang on much longer. There was one I thought I could take; knocked them down, bashed the head and walked away thinking it was dead and it got back up again. Then there was two.. backed away into the kitchen, tried to get back through the window but the cabinets were there and couldn’t climb with them there.

pz death

…Then there was three. Couldn’t move and got backed into the corner. Biting and scratching at me…..lasted for a bit and then I just collapsed.

They just left me here bleeding. Can’t move and…and I feel weird. Tired and nauseas but also like a fire is spreading throughout my body….

It hurts so much

<— Day 8

Diary of the Damned: Hole in One

Another new day out there, sun shining and not a single one of them to be seen anywhere. It’s still rather early at the moment but I want to get started as quickly as possible today. A packet of chips and an apple to start and a bit of water from the sink should do me for most of the day… well maybe till lunch time.

Time to get this new house stocked up


The first thing I did today was check out all the nearby garages. I’ve been wanting to find more wood planks for a while now as it’s the only way to really make those windows secure but there was nothing around but several hammers and a few more nails. waste of time. At least none of the windows were locked on them this time so I could easily slip in and out.

The house up from me had some inside that I could see but then when I went to the house below me it had some inside as well. so many everywhere I go so I thought why not but the minute I opened the window the damn house alarm went off. I ran for cover rather quickly and sure enough, like a bee to honey some of them quickly came to the area.

Hmm, I was going to not bother about it but then I think I’m trying a little to hard to avoid fights so i got in there and ready to take them out. Don’t think I should have done that though. The first when down quickly; a timed swing to the head and it was down and then a couple more to the head. Then the next two were on me and one of those was built like a freekin Tank. I have no idea how many times I hit it but by the time it was down I was sore and breathing hard. 

Inside were two of them but they went down quickly this time. There was one more that I didn’t see though, I thought it was dead… like proper dead there in the kitchen and then it started crawling towards me. I was shocked at first and had to back off, then I Smacked it in the head.

Project Zomboid

The house didn’t have anything important inside just more of the usual food items, couple cans and a bottle of whiskey. Can’t stand the stuff myself but it should make a nice water bottle for when I’m out. Found another tea bag which was nice although I just need some more sugar  for another cuppa.

While looking around the house I did notice a row garages down a bit further and on a side ride. There would have to be some decent stuff in those. I might keep getting food first and then check those out in the days to come.

It’s good to keep busy like this because once you stop the reality of the situation hits you and you just can’t go on. I don’t plan on giving up just yet.

<— Day 7    Day 9 —>

Diary of the Damned: Suburban Dream

Well time to get out of here now. No point staying here next to that house any longer.

It’s probably not a good idea to venture too far out from here.. I have no idea what’s really out there or any dangers and no idea where to find what I need. Who knows what’s left to loot now. I might just stick to the suburban areas for now, there would have to be a lot more of them around the populated areas.

Just far enough away to make supply gathering easy for a bit again.. establish small outposts and work from there. There are so many house to choose from around here though. No wrong way to go at the moment since I’ve yet to explore the neighbourhood.


Well… going down the road didn’t look very good, quite a few of them milling around near the intersection. Just a small group but enough to make me rather cautious. I’m hard pressed taking on 2 at a time let alone a group that size. Even those bushes down there looked to have a few around, waiting9222222 best not to alert them to my location either as I’m likely to alert the larger group.

I think every house could be a potential home at the moment. With the amount of houses around I won’t be running out of places to explore and plunder for a while yet.

The house near that horde doesn’t look like a good decision. there seem to be a number of them stuck inside scraping at the wall. I’m gathering I could take them out but I would prefer a house that is untainted.. at least for now anyway. Something about having a corpse around is a little disconcerting.

The next house back looked great, nothing inside. And I didn’t find a single one of them in any of the rooms. I was expecting it though and each time I opened a door I held that club ready to swing. Was kind of disappointed not to use it though. They love jumping out at you unaware but never when you are… the watched pot conundrum

There is actually a lot of decent stuff here. The kitchen seems to be reasonably supplied with a reasonably amount of utensils and cooking things as well as food items. Lots of things to keep me entertained as well like books to read, more pencils and paper to write my diaries and even a rubix cube. I also found a sweet handgun.. PEW PEW. I’ve never used one before and to be honest I’d rather not start now. My aim won’t be great and I’m guessing the noise would be a siren call to any others around. I might still carry it around with me but just for emergency situations, in case I ever get surrounded and need it to get away.

The absolute best part about this place is the awesome garden furniture and barbecue out the back. I can imagine myself lying back there with a nice soda and this way, I can cook here and have no possibility of burning down the house again. I call that an essential. Cleaned the yard a bit before having a relax though.

Project Zomboid

Spent the rest of the evening covering up the windows downstairs again and going through the rooms as much as I could then organising everything downstairs. It’s a nice house here and a nice neighbourhood, don’t feel like moving on just yet when there is a lot around here for me.

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Diary of the Damned: Cleanup on Isle 4

It’s quite sad looking at this wreckage. My hopes for survival dashed in an instant although I think I can still recover. Lots of houses around here and probably more food. The entire house doesn’t look safe. Most of the kitchen area is completely burnt out and it even spread upstairs. Because of the many holes in the wall now I could walk straight through the front, there is no way I could ever stay here now.

All that was left was one cupboard, and it wasn’t even one with the important stuff. Just lots of cooking utensils that seem to be pretty much everywhere. Of course my only food item in there left is Ramen noodles now, don’t want to cook them ever again. My Spare Golf Club was in there though, might be good to take with me in case this one breaks, it still looks good but I really haven’t been actively using it. Prefer avoidance so it should last a while longer

Project Zomboid

Another helicopter went overhead while I was looking through the burnt wreckage. I wonder if they will notice a change in the environment from last time they went over. Might not be the same people though. I wonder if I set a fire while they were flying if they would stop for me.. haha, all I have to do to make a decent fire is put noodles in the oven. With those things around I don’t think that would land or help… just too dangerous.

Doesn’t seem to be many of them around here any more. Not a single one in the street or behind the house to be seen. It seems weird not having them around though, like they are waiting for me somewhere.

As usual my insatiable appetite is causing me trouble. Not much food yet, most of it destroyed and I’m starving … unn. Fine I’ll cook some noodles again but watch it like a freekin hawk. huh, didn’t realise I’ve been carrying around some bacon as well, that might be nice too.


Well that lunch wasn’t too bad. Everything is better with bacon and the house didn’t burn down again.. HURRAY. While I was cooking I did hear a window break nearby. Pretty sure it isn’t from this house though, it didn’t sound that close so there must still be those things around.

I keep wondering if there is anyone else out there trying too eke out an existence like me. I see broken windows and such at a lot of the houses and it can’t just be those things doing all of that. Just makes sense that there must be others. It’s boring being alone all the time like this and it would be better to have others around to talk too, would make these supply runs easier as well.

Don’t want to stay in this house any longer… it’s too depressing being next to the charged remains of what I wanted to be my home. I’ve also taken everything from these surrounding houses so it’s probably better to move to a different spot. Tomorrow at least anyway. I was thinking about securing this house but if I’m moving on I think it would be fine sleeping upstairs for another night.

Project Zomboid

Time to make a fresh start.

<— Day 5    Day 7 —>

Diary of the Damned: Do You Smell Something

woke up really earl today, I think I must have been worrying about those damn things in the Laundry. There door is still there, no zombies in the house and they don’t even seem to be in there any more… must have got bored and gone home or something.

I still don’t feel like going out there at all. It is still dark outside and it would be rather scary to travel out there but I think I more just need some time without all that worry. A little bit of relaxation and recreation. I have enough food stocked up now that it isn’t an issue if I skip a day which is good.

OH YEH, FOOOOOD! I forgot to eat last night and I’m starving. I think I might actually cook something again today and why not some noodles for breakfast.

It’s been a good day so far. Just lounging around on the couch reading a book and playing with a yoyo I found in the last house. I haven’t played with one of these in years and it’s surprising how quickly I remembered how to use one.

Cooked the yummiest salmon in the oven as well, so delicious! Even a few hours later I still feel satisfied. I just stood there for an hour though, watching it cook… never had salmon before so it was a good experiment.

Project Zomboid

It’s getting to the afternoon now and after a good days rest I feel calm and together enough to explore a bit more again. Seems a shame to waste an entire day as you can always have more stuff. Just have to be careful.


The house behind seemed to be vacant now. Easy access through an already broken window at the back so I wouldn’t alert any more of those things towards me. There was only one inside as well and it was facing the wall near the front door and never even noticed me until it had a golf club in the temple. Easy peezy. It had some vitamins on it as well which might be good if I ever run out of food or get a bit sick.

Not really much here though.. a bit more food. Mostly just a lot of the cooking utensils that I already have so no point taking them. I did find a mug and teabag lying around and, well, it might sound stupid but it has completely made my week sitting here sipping on it while writing this out. One of life’s simple pleasures that is not so simple any more.

I’m getting kind of tired now, waking up so early was maybe a bad idea. Might have something to eat first though, might sleep better with food in the tank this time.



Well fuck. I decided to cook some more noodles as they are rather quick to cook and eat. While waiting for that I thought to maybe sort out my dufflebag and what I want to carry around to just the essentials. Then started on the kitchen cupboards so that they were better organised: one for all the utensils, another for food items, and the last for miscellaneous things when the entire stove went up in flames.

It quickly spread around me and I had to make a dash for the lounge room so I didn’t go up as well. Seriously, are those noodles made from petroleum or something. Has their use as a fire-starter or alternative fuel source gone unnoticed all these years. With the amount lying around we have a viable alternative fuel lying around to last us decades.

Unnnn.. I just feel so dumb. Made a run for it to the house next door and am now watching the house… my house burn down with all my supplies and food inside. I liked it there.

Project Zomboid

I just don’t care any more. Enough stress the last few days to last many life times and now this. Screw it, I’m going to sleep upstairs and sorting through the rubble tomorrow morning.

<— Day 4    Day 6—>

Diary of the Damned: Tastes Like Chicken

Woke up early and ready for anything this morning, good night sleep again and finally getting into the swing of things. This is my life so may as well make the most of it. It’s still dark out but the sun should be coming up soon. A quick look out of the windows upstairs didn’t show any zombies in the nearby area.

Time to get more supplies and prepare for the weeks to come.

Project Zomboid


AHhhh.. fffff.. it really hurts. Tore up my god damn arm and it burns. So stupid!

Exploring went really well, well didn’t find much except for some more food and ammunitions but still…it all helps. Went to the house diagonally from me through those tress and such. Broke into the garages nearby and went through the already broken window and not a single one of those things around, just easy ransacking of the houses which was oddly relaxing.

Then I came back outside though the window to drop off everything at home and maybe extend my search further out when one of those things came at me… a faster one too. I stood my ground like the brave idiot, over-confident in my new awesome 9 Iron and began whacking away at the brainless beast when another started stumbling in between the houses towards me… the commotion must have alerted it.

Just before it made it to me I finished off the first and began the battle again. Started backing off towards home while wildly swinging, felt safer to be fighting like this more within the proximity of my stuff and somewhere safer. Kept Backing away when another just jumped out of the bushes at me.. Screamed out loud. One of those things is pretty manageable but two is a whole other thing as you really only have the ability to push away one at a time. Just in that first stumble on me I think he got me. I don’t even know, it all happened so fast.

Started running away but now I’m leading them to my house.. had no idea what to do next. Thought to kill them both maybe; waited for the one in front to get to me whacked it and backed off again; waited again and whacked…. thick-headed thing it was. Getting ready for the third hit and I screwed up, swung and missed and it was upon me and before I knew it the other had jumped forward onto me…turned and ran but got they got me on the arm… the same arm that’s still bandaged.

I was soo scared.. and just couldn’t deal with them both anyway so I ran inside.. it hurt so much and now they are out there, waiting for me. I can hear that awful gurgling sound and scratching at the walls. I’m just hiding here, sitting on the stairs, hoping to god they don’t break in here.

Project Zomboid


Well it’s kind of feeling better now, the pain’s subsided and it just kind of itches. MY entire arm is bandaged up now, I must look like death… or at least someone on the way out. I’m wondering if I’m infected now, was that enough; how does it even get in you and how long will it take. Going to be worrying over it for days now.

There is no way I’m going out there again today.. so scared. I just had the rest of the day off to recover from that ordeal, heal up a little and calm down. I’ve already tried reading that farming book I found although it mostly seems like gibberish, would love to learn some it as it would definitely come in handy in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Fresh food on premises and I wouldn’t have to go out there ever again.. or at least not that far.

What was that…..

Damn, they’ve broken that side window into the laundry. I don’t think they can break down doors as I haven’t seen anything like that at all yet. Maybe they can over time. Don’t feel like dealing with more of them tonight, enough for now and I’m a bit apprehensive about facing them in my state. Surely it should be ok till the morning.

Yep, early bed tonight and I’ll deal with it tomorrow, it’s only barely gone dark and I’m not really tired yet but I just need the rest I think.

<— Day 3    Day 5 —>

Diary of the Damned: Ransacking Residences

Woke up feeling much better today. After a couple days of trouble and worry it seems the situation has gotten a bit better; nice house and enough food to last another few days. I even slept in… that’s the first time in many days, weeks even and it felt good.

Off to an early start exploring and raiding the neighbourhood I think. The best plan would be to keep gathering supplies, food and such as well as more building materials to fortify this house further. If I want to make this my new home, and that would be nice then it’s time to start thinking for the long-term: fences around the premises, weapons for protection, tools and such, and maybe even plant some crops

I do want to just curl up inside though, still get nervous before heading outside. hunnnnh.. big breaths.


Well that worked out well. This little neighbourhood seems to have a lot of resources to find, enough that i should easily last the week from just raiding these nearby houses.. haha, they’re mansions compared to my previous place.

The house behind had a whole lot of those things milling inside, in such an open space it seemed silly to antagonise them. I wonder what will happen to them being trapped in there, are they like flies bumping around or can the maneuver more freely.

The house just up the road was a good target. At first I went looking in the garage for more building materials. It was rather funny though as I smashed the window to get in and yet, the large garage door was already open which made me feel a bit like an idiot. Getting a bit smash happy with my little pan, it is fun to break things but I should be more careful of the noise.

Project Zomboid

Just as I was grabbing the hammer and nails off the shelf there was a major commotion overhead. Planes and helicopters zooming by and rather low as well. I stood out in the driveway trying to get a better look and waving about trying to get their attention but it seems they must have been too intent on their destination. Didn’t catch who they were with either. I just want out of this hell hole but am beginning to lose hope of any outside help…it’s all up to me I guess.

This  house had enough food for a couple of days as well. Found a duffel bag upstairs that I crammed it all into to make it easier to carry back. Snacked on some of the fresh fruit and a packet of chips while rummaging around, exploring always seems to make me hungry. Also managed to find some ammunitions for my imaginary gun and a golf club in the bedrooms upstairs. There were lots of clothes and linens around as well but I think I have enough of those already, they might make the bag a little heavy anyway.


That Golf Club is AMAZING! much easier to fight those things with it because of the added reach and it seems to knock them over more often from the impact. A club to the head would hurt anyone, even those things. Knocked out two of them on the way home rather easily. Haha…Just noticed that all these bodies seem to be making a perverse breadcrumb trail around the neighbourhood. It does make it easier to know where I’ve been.

Crafty f*ing things….broke through a window in the kitchen and I found two of them just there waiting for me when I came home. Just standing there in the kitchen, facing the wall. The went down easy enough but now I have 2 corpses here in the kitchen; that has to be just a little unsanitary.

Project Zomboid

Tried fixing the window, barricade it up but I don’t think I have enough wood just yet. Might have to search for some more. Took a bit of time trying to fix it and forgot about, you know that thing humans do. A quick bite to eat and a drink from the sink later and I felt better. The burdens of living seem to catch up on you when you forget.

Well it’s getting late now and it would be nice to have an early start tomorrow so I can have more daylight to explore in.

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Diary of the Damned: Home Sweet Home

Well that was a fitful night of sleep. Going to bed with those gurgles and growls from all around, as well as a few corpses behind the door would cause anyone to sleep badly.

I’s still quite early out and the sun has barely spread its light but I can’t stay in this house any longer. I collect everything else left that I might need and move on from here. There has to be better places out there, places where I feel safer. These tiny fibro shakes just seems more like feeding capsules… not fit for humans any more.

Well I think I’ve found a decent house for now. It wasn’t far from the previous house, just a short walk and 2 zombies later. It’s getting much easier now and I’m starting to get the hang of when and where to hit them with my frying pan of death.

This place is a mansion compared to what I’m used to.. 2 stories! Cleaned the place out of those things.. what the hell is it with them and hiding in bedrooms though! Another two right there waiting for me, waiting for that door to open so they can gorge themselves once more. Makes me sick.

Project Zomboid

There is something about being in a bigger house that makes you feel a bit safer, more places to hide and fight plus multi entrances and exits. There are corpses here just like the last place but it doesn’t seem so bad, perhaps I’m just becoming acclimatised to it.. or maybe it’s because they’re out of the way in a separate room. What you don’t see doesn’t exist.

It feels good to be able to peer out the higher windows too, I felt too open in the windows down below and I don’t think those things would think to look up…do they think?

Project Zomboid

Lots of stuff in this house: food, clothing, appliances and utensils. Far too much for me to carry as well so I might just stay here for a bit longer. Made my first substantial meal in a long time, a pot of soup doesn’t sound much but it warms the soul a little. Nothing feels as bad when you have a full warm tummy.

After a yummy lunch I felt like checking out the shed across from me and knock out that one zombie out the back making all that noise. You can never relax when you know one’s nearby.


There wasn’t much in the shed unfortunately. I was hoping for something better than a frying pan to defend myself but at least there was enough wood and nails to fix the window I smashed getting into the house. Took the time and covered up the windows with the old sheets too so those things can’t peer in the windows, I’m sure it’s better for me if they can’t see any movement. Made downstairs a lot darker but at least it is now secure once more.

It’s getting late now but there is no way I’m sleeping in that main bedroom with the corpses lying next to me. That’s just sick. The spare bedroom is just as nice.

Project Zomboid

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