Everquest… Next?

Well it looks like Everquest Next is another MMO , in an already bloated upcoming schedule that I really want to try. So far though it looks like it is going to be my top choice out of all of them as it appears to be trying something new. New… yes we’ve heard that a lot lately, they have some interesting ideas but who knows at this stage how it will actually work on a live server with thousands of people. Development priorities change as we have seen from GW2, so an interesting ethos isn’t necessarily what we end up getting due to the pressures of industry. Still, the dream is there.

They have definitely marketed this a lot better than the recent MMO titles. I really hate the long drawn out production/marketing cycles that we have been getting as there is just so long between awareness and play, enough that by the time the game is releasing all the hype is practically gone. It’s hard to be enthused for a product as strongly as when you first find out about it. I’m guessing the title is still maybe another year off going by the gameplay and visuals they showed but that Landmark title they are bringing out will be a great way to build an honest connection to the title which will hopefully transfer over. If I can build my house or guild hall in advance that is even better.

Ok enough about my optimistic first impression let’s get into the nitty-gritty
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Best Ever Single Player Sandbox’s

Yes, it’s one of thooose lists. Starting with a discussion on one of the Plus 10 Damage podcasts (which you totally should check out) lately it got me thinking more about these open world games of ours, then with all the talk of sandbox’s lately and my growing enthusiasm in the next generations awesomely amazing open world games I was kind of pushed into reminiscing about my past favourites. I’ve played a lot over the years yet it still feels like I have missed many amazing titles – Mass Effect for instance.

Open world games have always held a strong place in my gaming heart. I love a good linear story of course but there is something about being dumped in a virtual world and then just roaming around letting your interest and passing moods take you where they will. These are my favourites.
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Awesome Year was Awesome

It really has been a pretty darn excellent year for gaming, it started of with a lot of disappointment *cough* ToR *cough* but has built up dramatically to produce some excellent gameplay and experiences, and maybe even some long term classics. And here’s my list of favourites which I think may be missing some unfortunately as time factors are always a part of gaming especially when mmo’s are in the picture, and there are a few well acclaimed titles that I haven’t gotten around to playing yet.

  • Atom Zombie smasher – no words to describe
  • Crusader Kings 2 – strategy at some of its absolute best
  • Dungeon Defenders – great game that filled many hours
  • Far Cry 3 – shooting in a crazy sandbox (but not quite) island
  • FTL – awesome rogue like spaceship command
  • Guild Wars 2 – for the beginnings of excellent pvp
  • Journey – an experience that truly warms the soul
  • Pixel junk Eden for PC – beautiful artistic vision
  • Planetside 2 – pew pew
  • Secret World – some of the best atmosphere, story and characters around… completely immersive if you give in to it
  • Stacking – great aesthetic and style with simplistic puzzle elements
  • Trine 2 – one of the most aesthetically pleasing games out there, bright vibrant backdrops with excellent contrast
  • XCOM – enthralling Turn based strategy, as long as your on Ironman

I would also like to give a shout out to Tera which crafted some of the most amazing group encounters which were the most fun and challenging times I have ever had as a healer. They had well crafted mechanics, great use of action gameplay and I never once thought I was being unduly punished based on RNG. It was always up to me to learn the fights, remember mechanics and execute it to the best of my abilities… then throw in all the team based stuff on top of that and some of the best and most rewarding boss fights you’ll ever have be they Open world Bams (extra fun on the PvP server) and dungeons, that is if you can stomach the leveling process.

Secret Sunday: The Beginning or the End

I was finally able to drag myself away from PvP in GW2 and Planetside long enough to have a decent amount of time in The Secret World. I had a mission this time, I have been dragging my feet around for a while with doing random quests and such, soaking in the sights, and just generally screwing around but now it was time to get things done… Time to finish the story quests.
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