Ending My Early Entry to MMO’s

I’ve been writing a post about Crowfall lately and outlining the parts I liked in the initial pitch, and it does have a lot of really interesting elements that appeal to me. It was while writing this though that I realised I was trying to justify my own purchase in advance, like i need the idea to be this awesome to cross that certain threshold. I’m guessing that was exactly the plan too. Unfortunately it was here too that made me swear to the great gaming gods, and of course RNGesus that I’m no longer supporting any more of these early access mmo’s, whether they be just an idea or something that will be soon releasing. Not going to happen anymore.

It has been a rather disappointing couple years of mmo’s overall, there have been some great experiences and quite a few games with the potential but nothing that really satisfied my burgeoning mmo interests. It’s no secret to those interested in the pvp that it has been rather slim pickings as well; we can have whatever shit the most recent mmo is dishing out and that lasts a good month or so or, we can go over to the unfinished, unpolished indie games like Darkfall. Yeh, not great options really.

This is precisely why I probably should be excited about Crowfall, and honestly I am. Great concept for constant, but semi persistent battlefields. It’s not the rich, complex virtual world I’m looking for but it will be a game i come back to consistently for some play, much like lobby shooter really. I could pay into that early, and I probably have the money for it but then it’s gotten to the stage where I just can’t be assed even playing these alpha mmo’s. I haven’t touched Repopulation in a long time now. Camelot Unchained is going into it’s alpha soon, which I have access to but I don’t see myself jumping in. I almost got the cheap pack for Skyforge too but it’s all just utterly pointless.

At least for those small indie titles they give you a working game and the development cycle for those that aren’t seems a lot less. Coming back now and then to play around with the new updates and such doesn’t really hurt the experience either, in fact, that’s the optimal style of play there. MMO’s just don’t work like that, they require a bit more focus and dedication, even in these alpha states and to put that much time into something that is terrible unfinished and incomplete kills all the enjoyment for me from then and into the future. I’m done ruining my excitement for games that way. I’m wasting all that time to have it all wiped away. I’m done paying for these mmo’s I’m unlikely to play in a reasonable state for the next few years. And I’m definitely done spending my money on it.

So no Crowfall for me, at least not until it hypothetically releases in the next 2 or more years.


Fun and Failing in Gw2 PvP

It seems the more I play guild Wars 2 the more I get rather frustrated with it. I kind of know how new players would feel about it all now as I just get that overwhelming feeling of direction less. When playing originally I always had the goal, and fall back play of pvp. That was mostly WvW but also the SPCA mode. Now just consuming the PvE side of the game I’m having to try really hard to discover some sense of direction.

The new zone, silverwaste seemed like the best idea and it probably was but after several vinewrath events and getting very little out of it, plus remaining a little frustrated with the myriad of mechanics your constantly meant to be aware of like keys, and shovels, and sand, and body parts, and those weird collection items your meant to infuse, and other crafting ingredients, and the myriad of new bag types that spam your inventory with useless items and gear. It just wasn’t something that kept my attention.

When there wasn’t any activity in the zone was weird too. I went to drytop and looked around for a bit but no one was there, events going to waste. I joined in on the event train for a bit. Watching the timer on a website and jumping where needed for a fair number of events and well, spamming skills for the few seconds it takes for whatever to fall over didn’t interest me back then and it certainly doesn’t now. Why people even follow this along for a handful of gold and a few items to immediately salvage is beyond me.

As predicted with the Tequatl event changes it was remarkably empty without the TTS group event going on, which I’m sad I missed.

So after getting all mopey in game I thought Screw it, and jumped into the SPvP again and am glad I did. I don’t know why I’d been holding back on it for so long but it was a lot of fun. I was terrible at it, appalling but it’s more that I’d forgotten how fast paced and tactile it all felt. How the skills feel and how strategic and reactionary much of them are. I really had forgotten what an enjoyable able combat system this was for PvP.

It’s a shame then that it really didn’t take off more than it should of. I mean I get why it didn’t, the map design and mechanics of the game modes aren’t that great and it was, and still is missing a lot of the functionality it needs. It’s gotten better, the new method for setting up you build and gear in the mists is great but then they have to add a bunch of new restrictions and have you buy certain traits, runes and gear types for PvP as well… Because be damned with the rest of that initial manifesto right?

Gw2 spvp restrictions

It is still just the fundamental issues they haven’t solved yet like the whole ranking fiasco, that algorithm has always been shite. Issues with premises and not. Then their is still the weir place custom matches are now not to mention the rather minimal population which makes it a little harder to find decent, balanced matches.

I like what they’ve done and it could, and can be so much more if they just break from the pattern they’ve fallen into. SPvP would make a decent standalone experience and then they wouldn’t be stuck in the weird place they are now with making it make sense within the whole.

Dead Island Epidemic Preview

So far I’ve spent a fair bit of time playing in the Dead Island Epidemic Open Beta and rather enjoying it. It’s an interesting mix of Top down hack and slash with a strong mix of Rpg thrown in… Basically Dead Island meets Diablo. Hmmm, if it was that I’m guessing it would be rather brilliant but while the gameplay is generally fun and the mechanics rather solid there are a lot of concerns and ways the experience falls apart.

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Listmas: 2015 in MMO’s

Welcome to a 2015 list of all that is awesome and mmo, and maybe a little PvP as well.. you know, I needz me my killing. I should preface by saying that star citizen won’t be included… it won’t be released this year, or probably the next unless of course the sacrifice a few more virgins to the god of feature bloat and development hell. Either that or get him out of the scrooge mcduck style money bin he’s currently swimming in long enough to get the development on track.

Ahem well, enough with the pleasantries for now and lets begin with some more Listmas cheer

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MMO PvP in 2014: The Recap

It seems both Tagn and Hardcore Casual have been reviewing their predictions from last year and it was interesting to see how their attempts faired so, why not have a go too. Last year I made a few cheeky predictions regarding the upcoming mmo’s and just how well their pvp experiences were going to be. A lot of stupid thoughts but mostly wrapped in a layer of truth that did have the potential to come true-ish. Well, end of year now so let’s look back a t how I did.

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The Power of Zerg Compels you

The one thing I’ve noticed about pvp mmo’s or those that are more based around open pvp is that they are rather unbalanced by numbers. It is the zergs that often dominate and I find that far more damaging than the frequency and style of ganking. Getting ganked is fleeting but zergs are often able to completely dominate a server when they are on and get increased rewards because of it.

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A Night in Hasla

To test out all this recording and uploading business I thought to record a little Archeage PvP action. This type of thing is a pretty regular activity for the guild as Hasla is where you farm tokens in Archeage for decent weapons. An activity that’s being pushed even more with the next Update. Oh.. and we’re totally being bullies and trying to own the whole area..=p

The actual run was well over an hour so I compressed it a little and sped the whole thing up to be around 20. Played around with images inside as well as a few effects and there you go. The 10 hours it took to upload on my net was the worst though lol.

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PvP and Bad Behaviour

There’s been a lot of talk lately about PvP people and there apparent deficiencies lately, I don’t see it that way but it seems that’s the way a lot of people feel about those that enjoy conflict. It does make me a bit sad at times that this is the way it is because, coming from the inside I know a lot of people whom this is so far from the truth to be laughable. They love PvP, some it’s all the do and of course this involves plenty of ganking and what people would call “illegitimate” PvP. Knowing them though, I know their reasoning and I know what they get out of it and yeh at times it’s a good laugh at the other person but not in the mean spirited, make them feel bad kind of way. It’s all for the personal fun I guess and some won’t like that as it puts them out but, that’s the mechanics of the game.

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Progress Report: Archeage Gear Grinds

YAY for more gaming this week and I’m pleased to report that not all of it was spent in Archeage… most of it was just not all of it.

I’ve been making a lot of progress in Archeage over the week and completing some of my first big goals. That march towards level 50 is still ongoing but I’m up to 46 now. I’m not completely wrapped up in levelling or anything and I’m high enough now with enough experience that i can defend myself or at least cc the main threats enough that i can get away. The main things I’m doing and are interested in don’t even really need you to be level 50. For the PvP it certainly happens but our guild group tends to make up enough for that.

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Life and Times of Crime

Its been a rather busy week for me in Archeage, I haven’t really achieved anything massive just yet but am making progress towards most of my goals. My house is getting built (NOW FINISHED), i getting a nice stack of gold for my own farm cart and am slowing doing dailies for guilda to buy pretty things. The most interesting thing was my first appearance in court, on the side of the person getting sentenced and that was amusing to say the least. I actually got a little nervous during it and I think might have been able to state my case without getting the guilty verdict…an 89 minute guilty verdict which is the largest I’ve ever seen. For most it’s 10 maybe 20 minutes, a few higher than that but an hour and a half of prison time is just crazy.

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