Musings on Mass Effect 3

It’s funny coming into some of these huge, and rather controversial titles so far after their release because the general buzz has mostly died down so you kind of get the chance to be a little more subjective on the game. You aren’t as influenced by the talk, reviews or any other conversations about the title. It is nice to be involved in the zeitgeist of a gaming release, the excitement or disappointment, that drone of conversation that you get to contribute to. It’s just the time of sharing the interest in our medium and game with like-minded people but sometimes I feel like it influences you a little too much.

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My stance on GamerGate

I have kind of been avoiding this post and yet I don’t know why. I have broached on the whole Gamegate thing before but that was more a tongue in cheek account of events, not really a position per se. Usually I don’t shy away from the more controversial elements as they are ripe for a good rant but here, I didn’t feel like it. It isn’t for fear really. I see threats and account hacking is ripe but I’m more of a small nobody on a small site focused on a niche area of gaming. That’s not where the the issues are stemming from nor is anyone really looking in this direction. It was more that this whole debate on both sides have been spammed so much that I was just over it. People far more intelligent and eloquent than me have written a wealth of posts that represent my feelings on the matter so, what was the point then.

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A Home for Hacking

I have been paying close attention towards the issues ArcheAge has been having. It hasn’t seriously affected me just yet but still been this dark cloud hanging over the experience. I know there’s rain and lightning somewhere but it’s not in my part of the experience just yet.

I have noticed quite a few issues large enough with the level, predominance and widespread nature of hacking, botting and exploits that I have been, and am going to be rather cautious going forward. Just being a bit more reserved in the way I would invest money knowing it. I don’t want to put any more into a game knowing that there are some serious game breaking issues there and issues that will and probably already do affect my own, and definitely a lot of the people around me.

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Archeage and Areas of Balance

There is a huge amount of content within Archeage to do and like I’ve said before a lot of it is, and can be entirely PvE centric. There is a wealth out there to do to, Activities that if you are careful can be completely free from unfriendly intentions. A quick list of stuff goes something like:

  • Questing – can all be done in peace modes
  • Dungeons
  • Farming
  • Housing
  • Crafting – far deeper than most mmo’s
  • Economy
  • Trading
  • Exploration – for tree farms and pretty sights
  • Fishing
  • Treasure hunting
  • World Bosses

All available to play with if, but not exactly when you please without recourse. Waiting for Peace times is a good idea of course and half their are many spaces that are entirely safe. It’s a huge feature list really.

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ArcheAge: Working and Wandering

I still can’t believe how much I’m still playing ArcheAge. I’m getting on in the afternoon just about daily and even in the morning with my tea for the sole purpose of tending my family spaces. I don’t exactly why it has resonated so well with me when so many recent titles haven’t. By now I’m usually winding out of my release time insanity and searching out new games and experiences but I’m still solely playing AA.

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Life and Times of Crime

Its been a rather busy week for me in Archeage, I haven’t really achieved anything massive just yet but am making progress towards most of my goals. My house is getting built (NOW FINISHED), i getting a nice stack of gold for my own farm cart and am slowing doing dailies for guilda to buy pretty things. The most interesting thing was my first appearance in court, on the side of the person getting sentenced and that was amusing to say the least. I actually got a little nervous during it and I think might have been able to state my case without getting the guilty verdict…an 89 minute guilty verdict which is the largest I’ve ever seen. For most it’s 10 maybe 20 minutes, a few higher than that but an hour and a half of prison time is just crazy.

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PvP and Peace Times in Archeage

The PvP was a big part of my interest when getting I to archeage but it’s bad to say that I really haven’t been involved too much with it so far. The most I seemed to have had is being ganked (quite a few times) on, near or going to my housing plot down in the Hellswamp by higher level players and that’s not really pvp more… quick travel.

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Being Critical on Queues

The first week has passed by and I’ve been having a lot of fun so far. Mostly I’ve been doing things completely unrelated to the actual questing but instead, been wrapped up in farming and getting the materials required for my house and large farm. Oh and lots of tree hunting but it seems that most farms don’t come ready in my usual play time, being designed to ripen during NA morning, when I’m sleeping. I have tried some of my own illegal tree farms but it seems I’m not as focused enough so I forget about them and they get taken.

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Events and Opinions of Gamergate

I didn’t really know how to start this post. I’ve been meaning to write about the literal explosion of idiocy happening in gamergate for a while now after reading about those first rather heated accusations and attacks. At that stage though it just looked to be another sad occasion of gamer rage at girls in gaming. A little something like this.


But it’s not that at the moment, well, it is but the level of which the recent gamer issue has gone far beyond my personal bounds of reasoning. I’m literally Jackie Chan each and every morning when going over the happenings so I thought  I’d wade into the depths once more, shining  that lovely beacon of “go fuck yourself”. Hmm that would be fun but maybe I’ll try being level headed instead… Yeh, we’ll see how long that lasts. Plus I have lots of gifs that need using.

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Criterion of a Gamer

There has been talk of what a real gamer is in the community of late, a discussion point that has been around for a long time now but that in recent times has seen an increased focus. The gaming industry has been becoming broader in terms of the audience it seeks as well as the platforms of play and methods of distribution. It’s a huge medium in a way but way, that many would argue has diluted what it is to be a gamer.

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