Blizzard Designs and Gender Beliefs

*It was pointed out in the comments that I was rather wrong in my judgement here… So terrible Iz I. See the total number of female characters is actually 6, yes they pulled a Samus switch on me.. Awesome blue robot suit is awesome. Anyway, with that it brings the female design total to 3 femme fatales and 3 that differ.. A decent balance really. OH WELL… rant diminished I guess although that study I linked is still pretty cool. Maybe just take out the blizzard name and add in any other stupid company you dislike atm*

I’m sure nearly everyone has seen the video by now but it’s worth showing off the new character for Blizzards FPS project Overwatch again. Most media sites and people have been going a little crazy over it with titles like “blizzard is really listening”, implying that the recent movement towards better female characters and Blizzards own troubled history with them might be changing. I however am a little less enthused.

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Couch Podtatoes Episode 36: Community Content #2

A great episode with Randark of Return of the retro today about toxicity in gaming. Lots of talks about our experiences, ideas about what the issues are and ways to improve.
I also couldn’t hold back the rant, although I did make it near the end haha


Me Vs. Myself and I


This week we’ve gone back to the well again, and this time we came up with Randark from the Return of the Retro podcast and blog. Like the similarly titled episode before it, which guest starred Wolfy’s Eyes, this is a show where the community member comes up with the topic for discussion and we delve into it. As you will hear during the introduction, I plan to make this a regular feature, probably somewhere around once a month or so, and if you are interested in joining us, let us know in the comments or via Twitter. Of course, if I don’t hear from anyone by the time this comes around again, I’ll put out the casting call on Twitter myself. This time around, Randark wanted to talk about the Toxicity of Gaming Communities, so we spent quite a bit of time talking about League of Legends, Smite, MMOs…

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Changing a Culture of Rape Remarks

A couple Weeks back over at Murf vs there was an article looking at the all to casual nature of “rape” within gamer culture. Started by a someones rather crude drawing of a couple pokemon characters, Items that seem to be all to common and often brushed off by most as the harmless fantasizing at best and, a small group of perverts at worse.

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Events and Opinions of Gamergate

I didn’t really know how to start this post. I’ve been meaning to write about the literal explosion of idiocy happening in gamergate for a while now after reading about those first rather heated accusations and attacks. At that stage though it just looked to be another sad occasion of gamer rage at girls in gaming. A little something like this.


But it’s not that at the moment, well, it is but the level of which the recent gamer issue has gone far beyond my personal bounds of reasoning. I’m literally Jackie Chan each and every morning when going over the happenings so I thought  I’d wade into the depths once more, shining  that lovely beacon of “go fuck yourself”. Hmm that would be fun but maybe I’ll try being level headed instead… Yeh, we’ll see how long that lasts. Plus I have lots of gifs that need using.

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Criterion of a Gamer

There has been talk of what a real gamer is in the community of late, a discussion point that has been around for a long time now but that in recent times has seen an increased focus. The gaming industry has been becoming broader in terms of the audience it seeks as well as the platforms of play and methods of distribution. It’s a huge medium in a way but way, that many would argue has diluted what it is to be a gamer.

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Couch PODtatoe 6: Successful Sexism

Welcome back yall to another exciting adventures for PODTATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

This week the oh so loveable DOONE joined us once more for an exploration of the DIGITAL.. DIGITAL…digital .. FRONTIER. A time where we explore the culture of gaming. For this weeks discussion we delved into the subject of Successful Sexism and yes, that does sound like an oxymoron at first but it will make a lot more sense once you listen a little.

In part it was an interesting discussion. We talked a bit about certain games that used stereotypes or certain characteristics of woman to drive gameplay in new interesting ways by not just making such things a part of the story but a part of the gameplay.

We also discussed the culture of stereotyping in general and how it seems to matter about the intention of the material being used, it can still be a terrible representation but the thought implies being placed in meaningful. Those that are used without thought are the really issue but even when thinking about those, and the more blatant examples of sexism and stereotyping it seems they can still be successful in how the elicit debate around the issues.

Well, continue on for more conversation and leave your thoughts or examples of Successful Sexism Below

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode  6: Successful Sexism (runtime: 50:36)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:53)
Doone’s Digital Frontier: Successful Sexism (starts at 16:00)
Idiots on the Internet: AREAL Fail(starts at 39:09)
Community Talk: Blaugust (starts at 46:08)

Idiots on the Internet article:

For todays idiot on the internet article we had the strange case of the Areal Kickstarter wherein in was subject to many claims of scamming, backed up by information that mostly turned out to be false. It seems like a campaign was organised to discredit the company but then the didn’t do a very good job of countering these claims and adding some legitimacy to their project. It seems like it’s ended in a strange situation where you really can’t tell which party is right.. or which is the idiot in this case.

Community Spotlight:

Belghast: Tales from the Aggronaut
the article:

A call to action for bloggers to write everyday for the month of Aughust but also to try being a bit more personal in the information you write. there are a few guidelines though and check out the post for more information

The Guidelines

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  5. Over the course of the month, repeat this 31 times.
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Blog: XP Chronicles
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You should Fucking Care

We will be interrupting your regular program for this emergency broadcast… rant ahead. I repeat, RANT AHEAD.


Ahem. So another day in America another few murders by some deranged psychopath right… No sadly. While maybe unhinged this American male went on a rampage killing many because he had been rejected by girls during his youth. Social media sites and comments went nuts of course, some saying another mental health issue, others going for the gun debate and more even pointing out that maybe, just maybe those girls should have sad yes to avoid this mess. Like somehow it’s a girls responsibility to give a bit to every guy that asks just in case they don’t decide to murder them, or people around them.

Ugggh, whatever… moving on. We could see this as a one off in a long line of american idiots but it’s not, it’s part of a larger socio cultural issue of sexism and misogyny. Now while the whole rampage across a campus space isn’t the norm, violence towards women is a daily fact… it’s living. Just taking a snapshot of tumblr or certain trending hashtags and you may get a sense of the issue here. It’s part of daily living and how you experience the world. It’s something most, if not all women are a part of that men will really never see.

I’ve had moments in my life of being extremely scared for my well-being. A drunkard at a house party who wanted to “escort” me to my car after constantly cornering me and babbling on within the house for hours. The only reason I probably got out of that safely is a couple friends taking me to the car. A friend had to stay at her workplace for 2 hours after her shift because this one guy who was leering at her, most of the night was waiting across the road… the entire time. I can go on. It’s stories everyone has at least one of. Thankfully I’ve never been raped, or anyone I personally know but you hear stories, stories that shock you and will stay with you forever.

It’s an ingrained part of the culture in how men feel and act towards women. It’s pervasive and it’s everywhere. The media we consume is a huge part of this issue. It perpetuates certain stereotypes and really shapes the rules, boundaries and customs of a culture. It is what makes the overarching narrative we all live in and which shapes our conciousness and, as much as you might want to bury your head, and dick in the sand to avoid the issue gaming is a part of this. It is another element in how we see, experience and learn the nuances of our culture and the general and popular image within gaming isn’t very good. It’s fucking appalling.

I won’t go into that too much right now but suffice it to say, gaming provides an image of Women being weaker, as objects and honestly not worthy of attention… at least compared to their male counterparts. For many people games aren’t about all these social issues, not about campaigning for better living but more about fun. They say “I don’t care”.. I guess that’s their right to say that, in a way, but what I hear when someone says they don’t care is –

“I don’t care about that Drunk slut that got raped”

“I don’t care about that bitch who got bashed by her boyfriend”

“I don’t care about that young prude who gets murdered by a classmate for daring to say no”

You know what I say to someone who says they don’t care…. Fuck you. No seriously FUCK… YOU.. get some Fucking empathy, talk and fucking listen to your female friends and family members about what experiences they’ve had. Listen to to your fucktard male friends and the shit they say and the rampant bullshit being spouted across the internet and take a moment to yourself and think.. truly think if “I don’t care” is the right response to this. If it is well.. Fuck You.

This is all connected. It’s a part of our society that is perpetuated by the people and the media we consume. We can make a difference and we should be making a difference.

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A Kill la kill Critique

The woefully idiocentric and completely crazy amine, kill la Kill finally ended its season a few weeks back and I’m still trying to determine whether the show is the most blatantly sexist, otaku pandering bullshit or some sort of brilliant parody of the genre and it’s culture. The one thing I know is that the creators feel comfortable with their show in such a way that it does reflect so well on the culture surrounding it. So is it genius that deserves to be a new cult classic or a perverse, and often times intelligible sexist dribble that needs to be buried.

Oh, and holy shit I just wrote a tonne of word spam

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Changing Culture for Better Gamers

You might have noticed my Reblog the other day regarding the post Better Gamers for a Better community  and I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. In part, as gamers and part of the culture it is up to us to stand up for any injustices we might see or actions we don’t agree with. Be the change you want to see.. or some such new age nonsense. But, unfortunately it isn’t that easy.

Sometimes you’ve just had enough of the endless vitriol and stupidity and honestly I feel as though in my free time with gaming it is a time when I want to relax. Sure I don’t mind putting on the feminazi hat and cloak of +4 Bitch and lambast a few idiots but most of the time I don’t feel like dealing with the social issues of the gaming industry and I think that’s how most people feel. It’s our own time and one in which we would like to spend in the way we want and having fun. I don’t ask people to do any less than I would do, which is to say occasionally make their counter points against such misogynist arguments in a calm but critical way (well how I wish I could anyway).

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Better Gamers for a Better Community

Great post from Doone regarding the act of silence perpetuating a certain set of ideals within gaming culture that are rather destructive and exclusionary. It goes on to say the silence in the face if such things may be equal to or worse than the act itself since silence us an act of complicity, of support for a certain ideal by virtue of not standing against it.

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XP Chronicles

How can so much abuse happen within the gaming community even as we know so many good people? We all like to think that bigots and trolls are a loud minority, but what can we say about that silent majority? Are they not facilitators and complicit in the abuse due to their silence? Men are especially silent on these matters and that makes matters worse sense men tend to dole out the most abuse. Men have to do more to break the silence.

I’d say it’s been 50/50 split between men being decent human beings to indecent. But of the good half, I’d say the majority are silent bystanders. I’ve seen them defend their silence with terrible excuses while a fellow gamer is attacked in some way. The problem is two-fold then: it’s the abusers and then it’s those who silently allow it to happen. Our complicity through silence is…

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