Couch PODtatoe Ep3: Digital Distribution

Couch PODTATOOOOOOOooooo.. a name i can’t help saying exactly like that every time. Episode 3 is go people and I found it a really interesting conversation. This week the discussion focused around the changing marketplace for games; the growing shift from physical media and how its changing the way we buy and play.`

Just in the space of a few years the way i buy games has completely changed. Before I was more buying console games and have  a decent library in the cupboard now. Mostly buying used but a few that were new purchases. The more I’ve gotten into the PC though, the more my habits have changed.

I mainly think this is because I’m more conservative with how I spend. Growing up in a single parent family we did have to tough it out at times. Mum tried to provide everything I really wanted and with most things this involved shopping around for just about everything to find the best price. Sometimes things were new and other times they were second hand, found within one of the popular trading newspapers. This sort of upbringing really determines a lot of my habits now and while I’m far more well off now and can make certain impulse purchases there is still an element of getting the best deal.

For me, Steam and the other sites offer that bargain. Here in Australia we are still getting screwed with pricing for electronics and most media so the booming online market is a godsend for us cheapskates. This market does seem to be increasing and many new technologies like cloud gaming being developed but it’s really hard to know whereabouts it will all go in the future. There are just so many unknowns. Also, with this booming online market where will that leave retail, many in Australia have lost a lot of profits because of it and are lobbying hard for changes. It is an interesting time we live in that’s for sure.

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 3: (runtime: 1:01:50)

Breaking the Ice: What are we playing? (starts at 1:16)
The Changing Games Marketplace (starts at 14:54)
Idiots on the Internet: Orcs Must Die Dev (starts at 45:51)
Community Talk: Why I Game (starts at 57:34)

Idiots on the Internet: 

Looking at the Orcs must Die: Unchained Dev who stated that having a toxic community denotes your game being good enough to maintain a hardcore following.

I tend to thing having a toxic Community makes the market far more restricted to you. Some games do well with that regardless although it would be nice to have games trying to be more inclusive first rather than pandering to the toxic members.

Community Spotlight:

Jeromai Wolf: Why I Game

Less serious but nonetheless awesome gameplay series of Xcom using blogger names as part of the soldiers.


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Blog: Me vs Myself and I
Twitter: @mevsmyselfandi

Blog: Healing the Masses
Twitter: @ausj3w3l

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“Enchanted Rose” by Bury Your Dead (from the album Beauty and the Breakdown)


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Progress Report: Steam Sales and Wildstar Overload

STEAAAAAM SAAAAAAAAALE.. the gamers version of Christmas nowadays. I time for all to come together as one and revel in the a wondrous time of cheap games. Oh sure there are a few Grinches around avoid it all but for the most part it’s amazing.

Of course I just had to jump on in and purchase a tonne of games. For the most part it is these larger sales where I stock up on titles for the year, or at least the next several months. I actually try not to buy too much during the year; there are a few major games I pick up near to release, in particular MMO’s and a few cheaper indies but for the rest I pretty much wait until the price is right. To me having a decent but not boundless amount of gaming funds this seems like the best practice while being able to play the widest selection of games… and there is just so much out there.

Anyway – this year I think it might be a little different. Usually they might just sit there picking up digital dust but this year, under the call of Aywren of I might just play everything over the next couple months. It’s a big ask but something I think should be done. A lot of these games weren’t just impulse based purchases and ones I’ve been eyeing off for a while so that makes it a little easier.


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Steaming out the Wazoo

Oh my god someone please stop me now, my bank account can’t handle the abuse, seriously call for help or something. Is there some sort of steam summer sales anonymous. I only told my hubby about a couple of the smaller purchases but cats out of the bag now… love you darling 🙂

Here’s the list –

  • Costume Quest – cute little adventure game
  • Crusader Kings 2 – awesome looking atrategy
  • Dungeon Defenders – tower defense/rpg
  • Far Cry Pack – pew pew
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
  • Magicka Bundle – co op something..but fun
  • Psychonauts
  • Tales Of Monkey Island set.. humorous adventure title, Looking forward to this one
  • Thief set
  • Tiny Bang Story
  • and Torchlight

so with TSW, GW2, Borderlands 2 and these i am pretty much set till the end of the Year.

Although one  more day left ><