Progress Report: Anticipation and Lost Interest

Such a long week at work because I was just so, mad with the wait for Elder Scrolls Online. The week was seriously not fast enough but it was still fun being wrapped up in that excitement and anticipation.

Emotionally, I weirdly had one of those breaks that sometimes happens when you’re under a bit of stress and just can’t handle it any more. It’s a lot of things at the moment: exhaustion, finances, study stuff, and some other personal things that wraps up into a big ball of mind mess where you want the world to just fuck off. All good now though thank you very much.

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Shared Space in STO

It’s interesting how no matter what the type, features or theme of a mmo there is always something for the industry to learn from them. No matter the age of a title, the development company, the size of a project or whether it’s a shameless wow clone there is always something there… some more than others obviously.

Star trek online is a relatively forgotten mmo, only recently revived in the last year and with a relatively niche audience. It does what it does well in the genre and there is really no other space mmo like it out there. It’s more of a pve approach on what’s usually the domain of PvP and they’ve created many interesting features that suit the theme well. Now, because it appears so different at first glance you might think there is nothing the average fantasy theme park could learn from it… But there is, and it’s a part that I would love repeated far more than it has been as it improves at some very important aspects. And that is the excellent shared space.

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Progress Report: The needs of the Shiny

What a tiring and slow week this has been. Going back to full time work with a room full of toddlers is rather hard work. Getting home I really didn’t feel like playing that much; cooked dinner, ate.. watched more Cardcaptor Sakura because reasons and that’s been pretty much it. Feeling a lot better now after a weekend of couch sitting, sleeping and more laziness.

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Searching for Something in Star Trek Online

These are the voyages of the gamer J3w3l
Her continuing mission, to play strange new games
To seek out new gameplay: new mechanics..
To badly play what I have never played before

And so begins my escapades into Star Trek Online and yes, that is not a misquote as I am rather bad at playing so far. For a mmo I’ve never played before it does feel rather familiar with the controls, movement and skill use. It has the same hotbar type of controls, the usual menu and inventory system and the same style of quests but the Star Trek makeover really makes it quite unique.
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