An Iceberg of Issues

I really like the ice berg metaphor they are using for Structured PvP right now but maybe not in the way it was meant. Right now there is a flashy front to it but underneath is a rather big problem for all those involved. Other amusing iceberg metaphors could be the top being the current SPvP iteration with the rest being what was promised and what is needed to make a decent system. Or I could just say it is an iceberg of issues that funnily enough may be sinking this next Titanic MMO or at the very least their Esport aspirations which could have brought in a lot of media attention and many many new long term customers.

The very visible part of that iceberg that anyone who has been apart of SPvP be they casual or hardcore has noticed is the distinct lack of people. Open up the hot join browser and you will only ever see a handful of full servers whereas on release and a month after it seemed rather vibrant. People seemed to either not be playing it anymore for whatever reason or have left all together, either way we have a problem… And no they’re not doing tournies much either. There are a Plethora of problems underneath adding up to the unsatisfactory experience and I’ll try and list as many as I can without making this ramble to overwhelming.
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