Project Zomboid and Surviving in Style

This is for all those recently getting Project Zomboid from me, And soon from I has Pc as well (who’s also running a give-away).

It’s a tough game at times and one that often runs counter to how we are used to playing zombie style games. It isn’t the type where you can just go out blind, throwing caution to the wind and aiming for the most zombie kills. It just doesn’t happen like that due to its more, real world, common sense style design.

It’s also a game that has a little depth to it and a lot of systems that interact. A lot of things that are hidden underneath too, like reasons for the mood and their affects on you, or illnesses and the effects of the environment. Overall there is just the overwhelming idea that you are supposed to be taking care of yourself rather than becoming the next Rambo, or saviour of the world.

You’re a survivor but as the splash screen says… this is how you die and that will often be rather quickly. To help that number maybe rise a little bit more I thought to give some handy hints for Surviving the Zombie apocalypse.

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HIZZZZZZZZZY and the Alpha Audience

When I originally heard about H1Z1 i wasn’t that impressed with the idea, another zombie survival murder box in a long line of discarded titles. Do we really need another? As it turns out, the more I think about it I actually think we do need another and That SOE could do really well with it.

For some reason every single one of these titles seems to sell really well. Day Z, the title to spurn on the survival genre in a way has sold over 2 million this year with it’s stand alone title alone, then I’m guessing countless sales of arma just to play the original mod. The there is rust and the recent Forest and Stomping land all doing well as well as countless other titles gaining a decent sized community around them.

Now another title coming out now would still seem to do well it seems regardless of any inherent polish… or even quality but the reason why I think Hizzy could do especially well is because it might just avoid the one major failing factor of all these titles. The curse of Early access. All of these titles aren’t finished products and in some cases not even close. The are missing core features, mechanics to make it interesting, variety in content and any sort of end-game or long term goals that might make the experience anything more than a griefing simulator.

Looking at Day Z in particular I think Hizzy would be able to surpass sales dramatically and even maintain a consistent playerbase if they fix many of the more prominent flaws. There are so many things great about the title and that create a rather enthralling experience but there is also so much that frustrates, lessens the experience and creates an environment that really isn’t conducive to gaining a larger playerbase.

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