Building in Terraria

I’ve shared my awesome Pirate ship previously and after that long effort I kind of got burnt out on building. But now I’m back again finally polishing up some of the pirate ships visuals and decoration. Porting over my costumes and weapon and building a bit more of the ocean town

OOO.. and this time I has video

Progress Report: Animeted Adventures

Hello there intrepid travelers from far away places, come forth to the warmth of my hearth and share in these hearty Tales. Tales from lands far away; of strange places and people, of amazing animals and events. Of me sitting in front of a computer and mostly playing games.

My anime addiction continues on this week and I was wondering what to watch.

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Progress Report: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

I was quite surprised going into this weekend. It was Friday morning while people were talking that I came to realise I had a long weekend in store for me.. WOOOOO! I have no idea what the holiday was for and it’s one of those things I really don’t care about, I’m not an observant person and it really is amazing to have these things sneak up on you.

Weirdly though I didn’t end up getting much gaming done.. well as much as I could have I guess. Saturday was a nice day for laying back and relaxing but then Sunday was all about  BOOK FEST, an event where one of the biggest charity organisations called lifeline brings a whole tonne of books to the convention centre. Now it’s usually full of the most popular titles, those ones that really penetrate the general population so things like twilight are in abundance but there is always some good finds in there. I ended up with a few of the Rama series, a few Anne Mcaffery books because DRAGONS, and some crime books from Mcconnely and others. Was tempted by some battletech and star trek books but I was already carrying a couple bags of books by then.

And Sunday.. ooo. Was doing a scary thing called Podcasting that I’m really not used to at all. I get nervous, not insanely nervous but enough that I forget things, speak reeeeaaaaly fast and giggle a lot… about everything. It was fun though but it makes me really appreciate the work others have done for their own and just how natural they come across. More practice to come with that and Izzy will probably have more news than me but stay tuned in the future. Scary times ahead.

For gaming hmmm… lots of one thing but we’ll get to that later. I did end up patching every single mmo on my desktop, which is a few but never got around to any of them because of it. You probably know what already.

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Progress Report: Tales from Terraria

Now that I’ve been getting back into the normal swing of things and whatever diseases that reside within me aren’t trying to kill me I’ve been doing a lot in and out of the house. It’s nice having some energy once more and the dog definitely enjoys being walked once more. I felt bad not walking here as she does enjoy it so much and I’m enjoying being active once more as well. It’s funny with her though, she is completely crazy, like cooky crazy with jumping around and being extremely active but when your out walking like this you don’t even need a leash. She always stays were she can see you and waits if she gets too far ahead.

I’m still so over my working place though. It feels like it is slowly falling apart with everyone’s morale dropping and an overwhelming sense of frustration growing. Just a lack of respect and support from management makes it a lot harder than it needs to be and on top of that, we have some new hire coming in telling everyone how to do our jobs even though most of us have far more experience and even education.. oh and she has no idea too. It rubs you the wrong way, especially in childcare where how you write and interact is far more personal


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Progress Report: Building Boats and Searching Spaceships

Christmas and my 3 week holiday is soooo close now WOOOO! Can’t wait. It’s been a long time since I had a proper break from work and just time to myself, Christmas time will be the usual busy family stuff but afterwards is all me time. Trying to guilt my hubby into a beach weekend as well with maybe a few trips to interesting places.

This week has been rather good on the gaming front; couldn’t be bothered about study stuff at all and the hubbies home for the week so is doing a lot of the cooking and cleaning. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. It is mostly man foods, frozen pies and such but oh well.
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Progress Report: Raining Massive Pumpkin Zombies

Gaming wise I actually got a lot done this weekend, I think I felt like a it of a break and to reward the previous weeks study efforts ad so I indulged in some favorites and went on a mini steam buy binge. Just som new cheap indies, the ones that either look super cute or retro. I also picked up Rayman Legends as it was half price, couldn’t resist that even though I actually wanted it more on the PS3 instead as it seems more like a big screen controller kind of thing. I might hook the laptop up o play in the future although that will involve getting a compatible controller.. or do the PS3 ones work someway?

Other than that just the usual work with kids and getting ready for Christmas, cleaning up the house, cooking yummy food. I also started jogging a little through the bush near the house with the overgrown puppy, a nice way to start the morning actually although she tripped me the other day making me fall and turning my entire knee purple.

ONWARDS to tales of gaming
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The Terraria Times: Corruption Control and Battling bosess

Another busy week deep within Terraria of course although I might have played a couple other puzzly type games but I think ‘ll write about those later.

I’ve mostly completed my aimless building projects now and stocked up on a lot of the needed materials. Lots of monster bitsies and plenty of ore. I was gong to start on my underground frozen fortress and maybe a pirate ship within one of the oceans (that’s totally still going in) but it seems someone was too eager and initiated Hard mode ahead of schedule.
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The Terraria Times: Replies and Random Building

It was a pretty full week overloaded with many wonderful games and…. no it wasn’t, it was Terraria, lots and lots of Terraria so I’m foregoing the progress report to just talk about it some more… because… TERRARIA!

I was in the process of writing down a kind of recap of what we’ve been doing, constructing and the goals we have had but as it turns out Jeromai of Why I game beat me too it. He has been joining in on the server a little more now this week, it’s nice to have more players in our time zone as a couple of others I met are in the US so meeting them is far more fleeting, so we’ve been battling the many bosses as a small little group. It’s been fun and he has a rather lengthy account of his experiences with the game and our meddling cooperative ways.
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Terrarian Thoughts

I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s to offer in Terraria this time around and the overwhelming feeling I have is that playing Terraria online with other people is a better mmo experience than most others out there. It has a lot of what I’m after mechanically and I what of what should be there to create and engaging virtual world
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Tales in Terraria

Yay, the Terraria server is now online for your digging, killing and building pleasure. I’d actually thought about doing this lately so a couple of my friends and I could play together but thought why not make it a little more inclusive.

So if you’ve thought about enjoying the latest update or maybe are new to the game then jump on in. Just send me a message on twitter, the nbi forums or even my alt email that you can find in the about page and then I can give you the server info and password.

The world is waiting for you