Repopulation Preview

My initial thoughts of The Repopulation have been a while coming. I’ve been playing a lot lately and even jumping in and out of the alpha clients of late but being a sandbox there is a lot to get acquainted with and I wanted to get a fuller picture of the game first. Now I still haven’t experienced everything yet. The nation management and open world housing is not something I know much about and isn’t really implemented fully. I haven’t been involved much with the player conflict yet either.

What I have done is just check out the foundations of play. The combat types and methods of progression. The elements of the economy like gathering and crafting and well, just what the experience is going to be like.

So far I’m rather impressed although I’m not sure if that’s just the experience of a person stumbling through the desert and finding water, or someone that is actually enjoying what they find on its own merits. It’s a strange feeling.

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Progress report: Catch-up Chronicles

It’s been a while since I did a round-up of all my activities and adventures, I don’t know why just more felt like doing other things. It has been the busy Christmas period with family of course, cooked the usual lunch for everyone that went well. Kind of nice to do it even though it’s a big day and more of coming and cleaning it up. Wouldn’t do it all the time but fun once in a while.


That wasn’t even all of it which is funny.
Baked ham was really yummy as well


Now that you’re drooling a little I’ll continue with the other stuff.

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Sand in Mah Pants

I can still remember when I was little that everytime we went to the beach I would run down to the waters edge and pile sand into my swimmers, god knows why and que my father shaking his head. This is what I am feeling right now, I just need some sandboxy goodness to roll around in for awhile but alas I am still looking for that game.
I want the complex crafting, item decay, freeform skills, and far less gear dependency. It has to be full open world pvp though with some sort of territory control…but not full loot for me as I’m not that hardcore, partial loot for me please.

And without further adeu here’s a list of sandbox type games I am looking forward to.
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