Purty Pics #Wildstar

Was looking through the picture folder and putting stuff on Flickr when I noticed I hadn’t really uploaded many of my Wildstar pics so thought I might put up some of the pics I liked, plus collate some of the more interesting one’s I already have.

Here’s the few I thought to edit in Gimp a little to change the colours and details.

Annnnnnnnnnd a lot more

Listmas 2014: Times of the MMO Tourist

This was an absolutely huge year for mmo gamers. Say what you will about the games but it’s not often we have a calendar that is this packed with huge releases. I might bitch but each was great in their own ways, providing some amazing experiences and of course lots of amazing environments

So to celebrate their I thought I’d do a top three in a couple categories.

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MMO PvP in 2014: The Recap

It seems both Tagn and Hardcore Casual have been reviewing their predictions from last year and it was interesting to see how their attempts faired so, why not have a go too. Last year I made a few cheeky predictions regarding the upcoming mmo’s and just how well their pvp experiences were going to be. A lot of stupid thoughts but mostly wrapped in a layer of truth that did have the potential to come true-ish. Well, end of year now so let’s look back a t how I did.

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Progress Report: A Steam Session

Welcome back intrepid followers for another exciting recount of the lunch I had today…what, that’s what instagram is for? Hmmmm, guess I’ll talk about my week in gaming instead.

After playing Wildstar so much for so long I was feeling a bit bad about not playing much of anything else, especially all those new games I purchased during the steam sale. So what did I do, I ended up playing one of those for most of the time instead.. yeh, I have a problem.

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Creation and Content in Wildstar Housing

So far it seems my favourite thing about Wildstar is the housing. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing and while I’m enjoying the questing, the combat is good and the world enjoyable to explore it is the housing that seems the best implemented feature. It’s usually a strong interest of mine too and while it is instanced it’s done in a way that really keeps me interested.


The building elements are extremely flexible and the list of items to use is outstanding. Just in the shop accessible from the housing menu there is an extensive list to use which is what I mostly used to design my plushie bar. A lot of these actually create some goals to work towards as well with either a large good cost or even the currency renown, earned through social activities. I have my eye on quite a few awesome looking pieces and getting those is going to take a while.

Having decor as a reward for a lot of things was a really great idea. With gear your kind of limited and as it will become meaningless after a little period but with decor you can chase it regardless of level and power and, sometimes you want multiples of an item. With the way the content is designed it’s often better to be grouped as well so this provides both a space to group and a reason to whenever and wherever. The challenges throughout the zones reward some great stuff and this keeps you coming back and exploring. Then there are the many instanced dungeons and adventurers that reward this stuff as well. I swear that’s the main reason I see downleveled 50’s within these.

You can really see just how much work some people have spent attaining these items and within there housing plots. I’ve spent a fair bit of time going through but a fraction of what’s there and there is always a few things that impress. So many items that I haven’t seen before that are hidden within the world somewhere or just things I haven’t been able to afford just yet. The way people are using these is impressive as well. Some have gone the more detailed route with a defined plan and created some amazing structures.

WildStar large house

While others have taken a different approach and transformed their entire plots. The way they use the trees and such to do this is magnificent, one amazing housing plot was a complete maze of streets and buildings.


Even within the houses is some amazing scenes and while, they seem a bit more constrined in how you can develop it seems just about everyone has their own style of creating and decorating


I could, and probably will spend a lot more time exploring other peoples housing plots on Evindra and it makes me want to create alts elsewhere so as to explore even more. And this is only the first month of play, imagine what else will be out there when people get more time and gold to spend on their creations.

The community around this aspect has been wonderful as well. I believe the zone chat is for all housing plots and there’s always people chatting here, talking over builds and architects hawking their wares. Many people asking others to come and see their creations, proud as anything and others offering up their plots for people to use. There are quite a few mining groups to get involved with, and with that respawn rate it’s great to be a part of. An hour of that now and then and you don’t need for ore anymore.

Then there just how much gameplay is contained within the housing. There are many challenge mode plugs for housing that reset on a half hour timer and running these can be great fun. They come in many different forms of gameplay too from jumping puzzles, to mad dash and click fests and even combat orientated ones. There is a great variety in many different styles to try out and I actually have more fun playing these than general questing.


Some are rather challenging though and take a bit of getting used to. The Protostar training area is an insanely difficult telegraph dodging game and well… I still haven’t completed the medic one just yet. They reward decently as well with many giving an  option for decor, renown or dyes; three extremely sought after elements within the game.

Another plug to have on the housing plots are these little mini dungeons. These take you too an instanced space, can accommodate different sized groups or even solo and, scale to a base level so the challenge is always going to be there. I’ve done some of these with people but I actually really enjoy going at these alone as the offer some really quite challenging solo content. Mostly they involve a task or set of challenges to complete at the start and then a boss fight. I love these boss fights though. They have a range of different movements to learn and avoid, involve timing interrupts appropriately and test your damage and survival capabilities. These reward similiar to the other challenges but I enjoy these a lot more as these are the places I go to enjoy some more, but challenging solo content.


The housing component of the game really is just a well designed, polished and fully fleshed out piece of content. It has some excellent customisation that will maintain long term interest with creating and collecting and it has a purpose with buffs, gathering and the great challenge based content. Housing really could be an end game for people… or THE game.


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Progress Report: Heaps of Housing

Well, for this week it’s been the a same old work grind. I am now hating the cold with a bitter passion. Every morning I make that internal fight for power over my limbs in order to get up, and maybe get ready for work in a reasonable time. I’ve been late to work a few days now.

For some reason I’ve been staying up way too late as well which only makes my troubles in the morning worse. I don’t know why really, I’m tired but just feeling a little distracted by a million different things of late and then end up forgetting about the time. Last night it was 2 hours of hearthstone and a winning streak from rank 22 to 14. Sometimes it’s just wanting to keep playing or watching something as after getting home, cooking a meal and doing whatever else it feels like there just isn’t enough time left. Adult life it seems but it sucks nonetheless.

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Progress Report: Steam Sales and Wildstar Overload

STEAAAAAM SAAAAAAAAALE.. the gamers version of Christmas nowadays. I time for all to come together as one and revel in the a wondrous time of cheap games. Oh sure there are a few Grinches around avoid it all but for the most part it’s amazing.

Of course I just had to jump on in and purchase a tonne of games. For the most part it is these larger sales where I stock up on titles for the year, or at least the next several months. I actually try not to buy too much during the year; there are a few major games I pick up near to release, in particular MMO’s and a few cheaper indies but for the rest I pretty much wait until the price is right. To me having a decent but not boundless amount of gaming funds this seems like the best practice while being able to play the widest selection of games… and there is just so much out there.

Anyway – this year I think it might be a little different. Usually they might just sit there picking up digital dust but this year, under the call of Aywren of Sygnus.org I might just play everything over the next couple months. It’s a big ask but something I think should be done. A lot of these games weren’t just impulse based purchases and ones I’ve been eyeing off for a while so that makes it a little easier.


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Progress Report: Wildstar Wanderings

Winter is here and oh how I hate thee. It’s been the kind of weather where it just hasn’t been able to decide where it wants to go lately and in this last week we’ve gone from mild annoyance to the HOLY SHIT ITS FREEZING stage every morning. Every morning is the ultimate test of will and trying to force my body from under the covers.
kitty, tedz

Me every morning.. The alarm goes off and NOPE, pull the covers closer. Now I guess looking at it, it really isn’t that cold. We’ve been at 20 degree days but when that’s coming from a 40 degree summer it hits you. I’m rugged up like a little Eskimo lately. Bring back da summer please.

I’ve also regained my love of gifs lately.. see above. Been spending way too much time squeeing over the cutest of stuff out there and have even taking up posting a little cute hug gif most days.

For gaming well.. I’ve been naughty. I haven’t done anything else but play WIldstar which is not that surprising considering my usual habits. Whenever I get a new mmo a jump full into it, spending a lot of time levelling and just learning about this new world and the variety of new mechanics. Wildstar has a bit to learn there for the veteran mmo player, there is a lot of the similar but a few new ways of presenting combat that take some time to learn. There is also a lot of learning required about where and how to gain certain things for your class, all gained through a variety of means.

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ESO the Unremarkable

So I finally caved to the pressure of new shinies, and that of peer pressure and bought Wildstar. I am a little upset at myself for not being able to resist another mmo launch after the last failed so miserably for me, I was quite excited for Elder Scrolls Online as the beta experiences were great and the draw of a new big AvA space after being bored of the Zerg Wars in Guild Wars 2 pushed that hype over the top. After reeling back from that experience a little I was left wondering what did I really want, what is the game I’m after and while I don’t think that is entirely Wildstar it is far more aligned to things that engage me.

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Progress Report: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

I was quite surprised going into this weekend. It was Friday morning while people were talking that I came to realise I had a long weekend in store for me.. WOOOOO! I have no idea what the holiday was for and it’s one of those things I really don’t care about, I’m not an observant person and it really is amazing to have these things sneak up on you.

Weirdly though I didn’t end up getting much gaming done.. well as much as I could have I guess. Saturday was a nice day for laying back and relaxing but then Sunday was all about  BOOK FEST, an event where one of the biggest charity organisations called lifeline brings a whole tonne of books to the convention centre. Now it’s usually full of the most popular titles, those ones that really penetrate the general population so things like twilight are in abundance but there is always some good finds in there. I ended up with a few of the Rama series, a few Anne Mcaffery books because DRAGONS, and some crime books from Mcconnely and others. Was tempted by some battletech and star trek books but I was already carrying a couple bags of books by then.

And Sunday.. ooo. Was doing a scary thing called Podcasting that I’m really not used to at all. I get nervous, not insanely nervous but enough that I forget things, speak reeeeaaaaly fast and giggle a lot… about everything. It was fun though but it makes me really appreciate the work others have done for their own and just how natural they come across. More practice to come with that and Izzy will probably have more news than me but stay tuned in the future. Scary times ahead.

For gaming hmmm… lots of one thing but we’ll get to that later. I did end up patching every single mmo on my desktop, which is a few but never got around to any of them because of it. You probably know what already.

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