MMO PvP Predictions for 2014

* looks like there are a lot of people coming here through google probably looking for something a little more serious… FLY YOU FOOOOLS!! As a serious suggestion probably go check out Age of wushu for a PvP mmo right now. Good open world PvP mechanics pitting a few different factions against each other for faction reputation and rewards. Combat is pretty cool, PvP community solid and for you guys there is a lot of booooooooooobs. If your not in NA though the timing of these events can be a pain which will mean missing out on a lot, that was a bit much for me and was a major turn-off. The other thing might be Dark Age of Camelot as it seems to have increased the rate of updates recently.*

The New year is here and there is a lot of potential waiting for us in the genre. There are a lot of competing titles each with their own inherent positives and flaws whether that be the aesthetic, the mechanics or certain features. It’s going to be a great year for mmo’s regardless although, my PvP side is a little more pessimistic.

So stay tuned while I dig out my crystal ball created from the corrupted souls of armchair developers and predict the future of MMO’s in 2014, and in particular their PvP elements.


I predict that ESO will steal most of GW2’s regular WvW players. The time is ripe for a new competitor and after playing the same flawed mode for over a year its time for something new. Players will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy it despite it’s flaws although they will longingly stare off into the horizon from time to time reminiscing about the beauty of DAoC. The rest of the ESO playerbase will bitch the entire time about why ESO even needs PvP and that they can’t explore Cyrodil without getting killed.

All while this happens Arenanet won’t report the loss nor will they care and much of the playerbase that is left will be thankful they can now redirect those few developers back towards the living story experiment

The game itself will receive moderate success and will stay subscription based for the remainder of the year. People will complain about how it’s not as good as Skyrim but play it nonetheless since its single player Skyrim with multi-player like they asked.


I predict Wildstar will actually steal a sizeable chunk of players from WoW that actually like the game and decide to stay…this is not a considerable amount but enough to perpetuate comparisons about every.. damn… mechanic to WoW every damn day.

Will become the new rank arena love for players and if leaderboards aren’t borked will have a decent competitive following including streamers and shoutcasters. Balance will be utter shit for the first few months and will slowly wind down the varying levels of FotM classes that every one can agree to disagree over. Carbine will actually sponsor a decent PvP competition in the 3rd quarter.

Warplots, while a novel approach will prove to be broken by bugs in the first few months and will prove insanely hard to balance. A decent balance will be made between large and small guilds with time constraints on building options. Will become a fun side mode to kill time in as well as humiliate your enemies but by the end of the year will fall out of interest.

Faction based fighting will instil a new rivalry that will come close to that felt during the Waaaaaagh days in War. Friends will hate each other, awesome trolling in forums and chat… the PvP works and it will be glorious., at least for 6 months.


I predict Darkfall will close down near the end of the year after the developers at Adventurine realise they suck at making mmo’s and start making a medieval day z clone (that actually sounds pretty cool). The playerbase and sub numbers will continue to dwindle until all that’s left are gank stories around a single campfire. The supporters will claim to its dying breath that all you stupid carebears couldn’t hack a real mmo.

In the dying days before the final server turn off there will be a huge bloodbath the likes have never been seen and never will again.


I predict EvE will continue to be EvE with no successor and no challenger. CCP will realise they screwed up with Dust 514 but are too worried about their pride to abort this abomination, it’s their baby and they love it nonetheless. The amount of money this hideous love child sucks in will mean World of Darkness will be put on standby with a minimal crew… and yet, even in a pre-production state it’s still better than most titles on the market.

Star Citizen

Will reach 50 million during the last half of the year after they release more playable game types. Squadron fighting will be delayed until the middle of the year due to certain prevalent bugs and such. We won’t see the core game this year, or any of its beta type incarnations but what we do get will continue to drive the hype full speed ahead.

During the year Chris Roberts will realise the insanity of what’s planned, go on media rampage and the promptly be committed for a month where, in a moment of reflection he reaches enlightenment and brings the development back on track.

The Repopulation

I predict The Repopulation will see great success… for a sandbox mmo. It will garner a couple hundred thousand subscribers that will see it out through the new year and be reasonable happy with the game. People will complain about how they can’t progress on their own and that they can’t do anything without a group to which the reply will be “go back to wow loser”.

The nation mechanics and faction wars will work reasonable well and people will enjoy building their guild capitals and cities and laying siege to others. It will lose a little traction as owning territory isn’t as important as they would like bar having the personal connection. There is little important and rare resources to control for towns to really take control over that would drive conflict further.

The hardcore server will be reasonable popular until the more casual players who thought they can handle a hardcore experience leave for the easier server.

Everquest Next

I predict it will have some sort of ridiculously PvP flagging system on the PvP servers in an attempt to appeal to everyone but that no one will enjoy. The pvp players want something real and more integrated into the experience and the pve players will complain that the unlikely chance of their being killed is tantamount to treason and to stop wasting development time.

Camelot Unchained

I predict they will continue to push out updates and lore stories throughout the year with only minor hiccups. Development progress will be steady but have slight delays. The first trials of the game proper, and not some trial mode of mechanics will be tested by kickstarter supporters around September and it will be a tragically boring affair… an alpha PvP mmo with minimal population doesn’t work

No-one will care how good or bad the alpha tests are and will continue to wait for this messiah mmo to bestow deliverance on us all

Lastly I predict another Half dozen Moba’s will release, Riot’s official response “LoL, newbs”

Well, it seems there are a lot of options next year for mmo’s but none that will really, truly satisfy. I’ll have fun nonetheless and I hope you all do as well.

Happy new year everyone and may your aim remain true and lag remain an easy scapegoat


Controlling Castles and Adding Investment

There has been a resurgence in interest of the World vs World mode in Guild Wars 2 of late. It seems the new leagues, a 7 week battle royale between the servers in particular groups to place in the number one spot has been a big hit. A lot of new players entered the mode, brought on by the focus on this content, an increase in visibility and the promise of rewards. The result has been huge queues on many servers and a massive increase in casual players.

With this has also come a few bloggers writing up reports on their experiences as well as analysing the mechanics and well, some of them have been getting it a bit wrong. It’s hard to understand any sort of mechanic the first time you jump in, I would give an appalling account of the fractals but that hasn’t stopped many of these new and a little uninformed players from critiquing WvW. Now I’m nowhere near a “pro” player and I’ve been out of it for a couple of months now, I have never commanded nor have I been much involved with the server communities but I do think the weeks and months I spent raiding wvw near every night and the 800 or so hours spent give me a greater sense of understanding
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Link Dead Radio: Ranting, WoW clones, and Twitch Time

The Links

  • The main humble bundle has ended and if you didn’t grab it WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!… anyway there is an interesting looking humble weekly bundle that’s focused more on sound and an electronic aesthetic ending in 3 days.
  • I have touched the sky argues the how and why of comparisons to wow and near every other mmo with an analogy of fruit… seemed fitting after just going through a healthy eating week at work
  • Virtual stowaway discusses the Beowulf fables and it’s connections to our modern games, in particular Skyrim
  • Teso Elite have been contemplating certain strategies for the upcoming AvA in the Elder Scrolls…. Pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease be good
  • Design a golem competition to win a mister sparkles pet code over at  Mana obscura
  • Syncaine over at Hardcore Casual is ranting about cash shops again although this time there is a decent debate of both sides by himself and Mr Brian Green in the comments section. It extends on to the next post as well.

There has been a bit of talk about the guild wars 2 WvW leagues this week.

  • Digital Salad has a couple things to say about concerns and his servers dismal reaction to the new competitive standard
  • Inventory Full has a nice recap of his experiences with the various areas of WvW and certain inherent flaws.


  • Team Riot will be streaming the new WvW lobby map once they get in so it might be worth keeping an eye on it. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like TKG will get in being as we’re a small guild and one of our members maybe trolled Groucharo pretty hard not to long ago.
  • OOOOOOoo… and a meber of TKG will now be streaming a lot of our WvW fun, The crazy Weng himself so take a look

The vids

10 better stories than Beyond two souls… a great rant by Jim sterling

There is an all cat version of the Attack on Titan anime opening… the beauty of the internet at work

NEW SHINY.. although it does have some of the most ridiculous armors.. even for an Eastern mmo,. Dem devs like boobs

WvW Wars and League Lag

Well, after so many weeks that I’ve actually lost count I finally ventured back into GW2 and really I don’t really know how I feel about that. It certainly doesn’t have the level of interest and passion I used to, not even close, but I actually still kind of enjoyed the experience. Now I didn’t enjoy it enough to jump back in full-time as that ship has well and truly sailed but I do think I should at least keep in touch more so than I have been. My entire play was of course in WvW, a mode of play a really enjoy despite its numerous and crippling flaws. I was actually so engaged in the experience that I was unaware of the time and stayed up untill 2am… cue the hubby stumbling out and seeing me then shaking his head.
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GW2: WvW Vid Spam

Even though I’m not playing GW2 at the moment and haven’t headed into WvW for over a month now I still love seeing the action the guild gets into. The Kelly Gang has been doing some amazing work on the borderlands these past weeks and even getting a bit of praise on the forums for it. I love that I was part of the action in this guild that helped them gain this reputation as it reflects on me as well. Being proud of your guild is a powerful emotion, it keeps you always striving for more as a way of supporting it not because you have to but because you want to.

Anyway, here’s a few vids from the last couple weeks showing a bit of the experiences they have in wvw…I do kind of miss it but not enough just yet

#GW2 #WvW

A Solemn Anniversary

I can’t help but be unipressed with the whole anniversary celebrations and it’s taking on more of a feeling of mourning then one of joy to me. The pve event in its zergy loot raining from the sky kinda way is still kinda fun to get swept up in from time to time and the mob design is rather interesting this time around.

I will still protest that Rift did, and does invasions far better than this. In Rift an invasion is meaningful; mobs spew out from certain points and spread across the zone killing NPC’s, taking over camps and even attacking the main citadel. They had a purpose and were the main attraction, in GW2 they are static unmoving spawns that make it just another sideshow attraction.

Its not this though that makes me solemn although it is part, it is the complete lack of meaningful change in WvW over an entire year. On our anniversary we get trebuchet mastery (WOOOOO!) and I can’t help but think that’s either a little ironic or just trolling. It certainly encapsulates quite well exactly what people are fed up with, more emphasis on siege and ignoring the critical faults. PvE gets an elaborate event and we get another few ranks on the grind that will either be useless or start a new siege meta. Joy.

I was holding back on this post due to Devons words on the forums not long ago of “wait for the livestream”. I waited and watched as I was shown siege masteries that we have used for months and then a brief glimpse of something new to WvW that might elicit some change.

Haha capture points, I should have known and it is a soon Tm as usual. Oh, and 2 other masteries Yay! Believe us on faith they say, change is coming. I’m sorry but my faith is not everlasting in the face of utter ignorance, incompetance, and a lack of understanding about why people enjoy and play WvW. There are a lot of groups with different interests in WvW that would definitely make it hard to appease but I’m pretty sure it’s usually more than just blobs and siege.

I will say that the new capture points might be an interesting change. The zerg will zerg as usual and numbers will still be the dominant strategy but this will give those roaming groups a little something more to do. I’m going to remain reserved about the new bloodless mechanic as it just further places the advantage with the already dominant server; I didn’t like it before and I still don’t like it now.

The capture areas, well the one that we saw looked well done with many entrances and exits but I can’t help thinking I’ve seen this sort if area, with similiar assets before in Tyria somewhere. Also there’s a bit of a difference between these 2 things in my opinion. Yet one has taken a couple months (maybe less) and the other a year.

Crown Pavilion

And now I waited further as there was supposed to be something revolutionary in the Pax presentation. Seasons now for WvW with the bare basic of incentives.

I just don’t know if it’s enough for me to reinvigorate my failing interest. I’m still playing with the guild but less and less each month it seems. Over an entire year we’ve gotten so little changes and even less fixed. Here’s what I think has changed and still needs to change which after seeing is a pretty good reason why my interest is disappearing.


  • Breakout event – It was a nice change I believe and certainly helped the server in some situations unless they were completely outmanned. We mainly use it now for the supply.
  • Pve skin and stat availability – It certainly is nice to see all these accessible from WvW but the pricing on many of them is quite ridiclous.
  • Ranks – The progression system we all had so many hopes for that ended up being a massive grind for little tangible reward. It’s funny as well that the masteries range from huge power creep to absolutely useless.
  • Traps – I guess they have a place. The supply trap can come in handy but I think it cost too much supply to set up. The stealth trap is a gimmick at best.
  • Dailies – It only took them nearly an entire year to add enough WvW achievable and focused points. I don’t see why it isn’t a whole separate daily and monthly considering spvp has one and that WvW is now apparently its own game.
  • Culling removal and OMG the lag
  • Moved the eternal battlegrounds jumping puzzle into its own instance
  • No more dolyak rewards (unless attacked and invader killed)
  • Orb removed – Rather amusing that the only way to stop people hacking these was to remove them. It was supposed to come back after they stopped the hacks lol.

Still Broken

  • Group functioning – Still unable to invite from Guild or friends list. Can’t kick people from squad while in WvW. Dots on mini map disappear occasionally.
  • Map exploits – They’ve done well over the course of the year closing up those little exploits to get into keeps, up and over walls, and invulnerable siege points but there are still quite a few. Sunny hill door is still notorious for allowing leapers through
  • Hacking – It is still around although just not as prevalent. Still no report hack option when reporting.
  • Commander – Still very badly designed and lacking basic options. Needs a guild only option. I don’t have a pin, I just know it’s woefully inadequate for the job as is.
  • Armor Skins – Still no unique armor to WvW.
  • Lootable bag dropping – Wanted in inventory or atleast as a ui option to recover later instead of littering the ground everywhere. We barely make anything as it is and this mechanic lessens that immensely.
  • Resurrecting and downed – My thought on this is that it further skews combat towards the bigger group. I don’t mind the downed mechanic as I feel it adds another strategy to combat but ressing dead people just feels wrong. Either make it out of combat only ressing, an area based combat mechanic or respawn them.
  • Aoe – this was a mechanic which made the blob as strong as it is. A 5 person cap is much too forgiving as It’s easier to spread boons and healing around then it is to hurt. My thought was to have a 10 person cap but have the maximum damage scale down over 5 to maybe 50% less. Apparently impossible to implement because server bandwidth concerns, ie., being cheap.
  • Achievements – Still exhorbitant in what they require and now that achievements also offer decent rewards this is an unforgivable oversight.
  • Keep defense – Still isn’t rewarding and is harder for the defender. Very gimmicky at times with Golem rushes capping keeps in a minute
  • Guild purpose – no rewards or reason for guilds to do anything in WvW even though they are spending vast amounts of time, gold, and influence. The gvg scene is popping up for this exact reason.
  • Matchmaking – Still kind of broken and allowing huge imbalances or remaining too static at the top and bottom.
  • LAAAAAAAAAAG – When your game is solely about zerging you should probably make sure the servers and engine can handle it.
  • Optimisation is still appaling
  • Outmanned buff – Still useless, pathetic and offering little incentive to those outmanned. It also seems a little broken at times with how it applies.
  • Badge drop – Compared to other game types and with how much stuff coats it’s pathetic.
  • Support and bug fixing – a recent developers post on the forums made how bad this is abundantly clear
  • Waypoint abuse – Didn’t they say back in march this was being fixed. I’m not sure if it should or not as it’s the only way to save a keep from a Golem rush.
  • Stealth – Weren’t they trying to avoid perma stealth
  • Maps – Unchanging and being a cloned set is boring and going by posts, comments and interviews they still haven’t started building new ones as it’s just too much work. GG. What we have are also far too small, or people move to fast and it cuts down on the strategy
  • Useless space – Well the lake is getting a change so now is the time to also iterate on the centaur and Skritt camps
  • Siege – Some are far more useful than others now. Does anyone use balista’s anymore?
  • Balance – Still pretty much the same. Limited build and skill usefulness. Limited choice with consumables (- condition duration). Lacking real balance in wvw that deviates from spvp and pve despite saying this was their aim.
  • Zerging – It’s still far too prominent and Arenanet’s efforts during the year seem to have only strengthened this part.
  • Skillin – no new traits, utilities, or weapons that may change up the wvw meta. Still wondering why there isn’t any wvw only abilities.

And probably more points I can’t think of right now

I find it funny that most of what we’ve got in regards to WvW changes no one actually asked for, or if they did like a progression system it was far from the expectations people had. Most of what people have wanted for the entire year is just better functioning of core systems. Like many have said on the forums, you build the foundation first and then add content on top otherwise it’s a house of cards just waiting to fall.

I don’t hold much hope at this stage for the improvement of WvW and I think this is why I just can’t become immersed in the beautiful world anymore. My connection to it has been broken as my primary interests in it are ignored, and I think because of this I’m still going through my stages of grief. Actually, not so much grief it’s more like I’m in some sort of unfulfilling relationship.

*crude stuff incoming* I’m longing for more, to build a life and form a connection but it’s not happening. The sex is fast, frenetic and fantastic and you keep giving me little cues about maybe things will change but I’m slowly starting to realise that’s all just bullshit all all your just stringing it along and taking my time. I could be out there looking for more, looking for better, and looking for something more suited to me, and that is slowly happening.

It’s funny how connected we get to these game spaces and how hard that is to break sometimes.

Well it’s at least got another 6 months to change now by my count before another big name game scoops up my interest. Untill then I might have one more post about GW2 I want to write and unless anything changes dramatically that might be it. It seems a good thing at times to provide a different point of view to others but I just don’t like all the negativity I’ve fallen into here because if it. Yes a critical eye is great occasionally but not when it devolves into endless QQ. Just imagine me grumbling in a corner like the Grinch I am each new release and that should suffice.

*this is not part of the blog carnival, nor do I want it to be. That is an event about celebrating the amazing experiences we’ve had which I wouldn’t want to spoil *

All Aboard the Blackgate Bandwagon

Well our rambunctious crew of raiders have once again departed from barren lands looking for greener pastures to pillage in. Jade Quarry, for a number of reasons was no longer fun to be on anymore.. Hmm not that, as we still had some times of immense fun, more that it was no longer enjoyable for our group. Staying in tier 1 was the main option as we didn’t want to go down just to dominate, and out of the 2 we picked Blackgate. We have joked about Stackgate between ourselves before and now we are one of them. In the end it came down to knowing some of the guild there from our fights in other games and here we are.
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Necro Build Recap

I’ve tried a a lot of different builds on the necro since release.. A Lot. When you play a main exclusive one if the areas that offers much of the replayability is customising your character any way you can.

I did this little recap on a reddit thread of these builds and thought why not repost here as well.


  • Power well – OMG LOOK AT THAT D.. , ah damn they moved
  • Weakness – this still hurts
  • Bleeds – yeh got it up pretty high that time aaaand it’s gone
  • Terror – hey this is kind of ok
  • Tanky Axe – I am invincible! Aww you healed up all my damage with regen
  • Close to death – ooh wait a minute, wait, doing decent damage aaaand dead
  • Chill manner – Haha noob look at me kite, oh you have ranged.. Well shit
  • Support – LOL
  • MM – come on guys keep it up.. You can catch him… COME OOOOON. STUPID FUCKS!
  • D/D – Haha melting you.. Ahh, you have a friend now. Hmm, Should I just.. Yep, assuming the position


None of these builds were ever overly bad they just lacked much of the synergy with traits and weapons that would make them great… Although a few skills and utilities are rather lacking.

But the new patch notes are kind of in and I thought I’d recap my builds before it hits as there are sooo many changes happening, many of which look rather interesting. Spectral Wall will probably be on my skill bar a little more and I may even use Axe occasionally.


This build is pretty Much your Fear is my Weapon kind of build.. but I don’t have a fancy name for it. The build is for WvW where I spend the majority of my time and the traits and such reflect this. I still don’t have all the nightmare runes though but this is the aim.

Spiteful Removal in Spite is AMAZING in the kind of engagements we have, kind of middle scale 10-20 players conditions are rather frequent but with our coordination we’re likely to kill a few throughout the fight meaning you have constant condition removal.. with consume conditions and putrid mark it is more than enough which means your food and runes can focus on the killing.

Twenty in curses is really required for nearly any build.. 20% bleed duration helps for those trying to remove it and Terror  for added damage. These traits are moveable depending on the situation. Sometimes I go with the the corruption skills reduction, and for the defensive situations wells being targetable is great. I even go Enfeebling blood occasionally if I’m roaming.

Death Magic for greater marks because… DUH

Blood Magic for Transfusion because it’s our one decent support tool, 3k+ heals is nice during team fights and you can do it pretty regularly… you don’t even need to hit  anyone for it too heal

And in Soul Reaping I picked up Soul Marks for the added Life Force generation which becomes a nice damage buffer (don’tforget to kill ambient wildlife too) and Path of midnight for more fear and Life Transfer


The other Build I’ve been playing around with in SPvP for a month or so is this weird little Hybrid Thingy although just imagine it is Carrion with a soldiers jewel. It’s actually rather decent to play as you have a bit of sustain from the conditions but also some front loaded damage through axe. It also works through weapon slotting a lot as well as jumping in and out of Death Shroud for a few Life Blasts… with these and Blood is Power you can easily get up too and stay above 20 might stacks.

I may even do a new video of it some time

Beliefs in a WvW Blog

A hypocrite says hello for one last GW2 rant.

More talk regarding plans for wvw recently and there is a lot of information in this new post about the plans Devon has for WvW in the future. He acknowledges many of the issues that WvW has such as the dominance of zergs, commanding tools, siege, and player activities. Another point was that they may be introducing a flux events type mechanic from GW1 could make it more interesting again, changing the rules of play occasionally would enable them to quickly test changes but also help in changing the meta a little.

However all of this right now comes off as rather shallow to me, lofty claims of vast updates that sound eerily familiar so excuse me if I don’t offer an enthusiastic woo as support just yet. The Jaded guild Wars gamer has heard this song and dance already. Just wait another month for a game changing updates. Major pvp patch in November, wait not January.. Hmm not quit yet. Sorry was there a big WvW patch I seemed to have missed it. Oh, you mean the patch that improved my ability to kill npc’s and brought the emergence of arrow cart wars, I am eternally grateful.

I thought your talk of innovation and experimentation was amazing at first but now I see this is just a watered down version of whatever idea it was the originally captivated us simple-minded the masses. I honestly don’t know what happened to them, could the pressure of profit taken its toll or like many well-meaning developers did they succumb to the qq and abandon their vision to start trying to appeal to everyone. Everyone who plays WvW excessively seems to have an opinion on the subject, the forums are a jumble of mismatched views and it could be hard to ascertain peoples issues occasionally but mostly, the issues that matter are plainly obvious and have been since the game launched.

Unnngh… I don’t think I will discuss guild Wars WvW on the blog anymore as it starting to come off as entirely too negative and overly critical. I may write about more positive items or gameplay experiences but all this gw2 ranting just makes me upset. It has potential, everyone who plays or has played is aware of that but how long to you give a game for it to realise that potential, or realise just a part of it. To me if feels like any meaningful changes aren’t going to happen within a decent time frame, I don’t see how considering what over 9 months has brought. The living story updates and over the top holiday activities are great but are not the focus of my play and enjoyment. There have been a number of decent WvW updates, I just don’t see it as enough… is that me just being spoilt, maybe, regardless it seems Guild Wars 2 just isn’t for me.

I still have fun and will until the near future, but now I think it comes primarily down to the quality of the company rather the quality of the content.