The Mood for Youtube

So I’ve been steadily making reviews for the youtube channel now, going for 1 a month and mostly getting there. The problem is I’m not sure if what I’m making is any good. Yes, we all say that when creating new content I guess but this time I more feel like the style of review I am making just isn’t me.

From what I see they are just far too stuffy and analytical, that just sounds and feels unnatural to me. My written style is more expressive and that and I want to portray that more within these short reviews. It’s not that I think this is how it should be done, I have always been more interested in the experience people tell when giving an impression and that’s what I tend to do too.

The Project Zomboid one was probably close to this, and probably one of my most watched because of that but then for the Armello one it was way too stiff.

I think I am still a little bit nervous about this whole talking so much stuff, especially since I know they quality of the mic isn’t the best, or good. It seems, like most things this whole youtube content creation business is a lot harder than it looks.

Anyway, I think I’ll keep at it. It portrays the message of certain things a lot easier than written and having gameplay is always good. The problem is I’m still not sure what type of content I even want to create just yet.

Thoughts appreciated

Also, just wondering what people you watch on youtube as well and why?


Quick Look at Boid

a new early access title that seems quite polished for what it is with an intuitive ui and gameplay with a lot of map options. It’s a game revolving around territory control and capture points. Some points create new mobs while others turn these into a variety of different classes. The gameplay is then creating a strategy from the units you have available, controlling your space and capturing new points all the while battling your opponent.

There are a lot of different maps to choose from, each with their own strategies and difference in CLass types available. They all have varying difficulty too when facing an AI enemy. There is some Multi-player too and while the game sI have played did work well, there doesn’t seem to be many playing just yet.

Project Zomboid Preview

You already know how much I love this game.. just thought I’d make a youtube version professing my undying love as well.

Dying in Dark Souls: part 1

Yayyy!!… finally getting some time to get into dark souls now and making my way through the game. Dying a hell of a lot by, well everything. It is kind of fun though.

Anyway here’s the first part of my first ever lets play, so nervous about this haha. This video is abit darker than i would like and I think I’ve cleaned up future videos a little more than this. Hopefully the commentary is ok and WARNING.. this game makes me swear a bit… well a lot.

Progress Report: The Blogging Brand and Youtube

First I thought I’d give a little report on the blog here. It’s been a long time since I really changed much and I had so many lofty goals at the beginning of the year that really haven’t been started yet… but hopefully thats going to change a little.

With the new computer complete and working well I’ve been working out how to record, and eventually edit to put on youtube. A gaming channel is on the way. So far I will probably put up a few random Archeage things while getting used to the process as there is a bit there to learn.

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