Couch Podtatoes 27: A New Year of Awesome

Aaaaaaaaahhh… I forgot to post Podtatoes again didn’t I… so terrible. This week, and with the new year here we talk about our most anticipated titles for the new year. We share quite  a few of the same titles which is good but also have our own twists on it all. This is also some of the bigger titles I’m looking forward to rather than just the mmo’s and indies.

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The List:


the division


no mans sky

star wars Battlefront

hyper light drifter

hotline miami 2


camelot unchained

Black Desert


We did a short Community Spotlight for Bloggy Xmas and Listmas 2014 as well, two great initiatives for December that you should check out.


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Blog: Me vs. Myself and I

Blog: Healing The Masses
Twitter: @ausj3w3l

Listmas: 2015 in MMO’s

Welcome to a 2015 list of all that is awesome and mmo, and maybe a little PvP as well.. you know, I needz me my killing. I should preface by saying that star citizen won’t be included… it won’t be released this year, or probably the next unless of course the sacrifice a few more virgins to the god of feature bloat and development hell. Either that or get him out of the scrooge mcduck style money bin he’s currently swimming in long enough to get the development on track.

Ahem well, enough with the pleasantries for now and lets begin with some more Listmas cheer

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