Ending My Early Entry to MMO’s

I’ve been writing a post about Crowfall lately and outlining the parts I liked in the initial pitch, and it does have a lot of really interesting elements that appeal to me. It was while writing this though that I realised I was trying to justify my own purchase in advance, like i need the idea to be this awesome to cross that certain threshold. I’m guessing that was exactly the plan too. Unfortunately it was here too that made me swear to the great gaming gods, and of course RNGesus that I’m no longer supporting any more of these early access mmo’s, whether they be just an idea or something that will be soon releasing. Not going to happen anymore.

It has been a rather disappointing couple years of mmo’s overall, there have been some great experiences and quite a few games with the potential but nothing that really satisfied my burgeoning mmo interests. It’s no secret to those interested in the pvp that it has been rather slim pickings as well; we can have whatever shit the most recent mmo is dishing out and that lasts a good month or so or, we can go over to the unfinished, unpolished indie games like Darkfall. Yeh, not great options really.

This is precisely why I probably should be excited about Crowfall, and honestly I am. Great concept for constant, but semi persistent battlefields. It’s not the rich, complex virtual world I’m looking for but it will be a game i come back to consistently for some play, much like lobby shooter really. I could pay into that early, and I probably have the money for it but then it’s gotten to the stage where I just can’t be assed even playing these alpha mmo’s. I haven’t touched Repopulation in a long time now. Camelot Unchained is going into it’s alpha soon, which I have access to but I don’t see myself jumping in. I almost got the cheap pack for Skyforge too but it’s all just utterly pointless.

At least for those small indie titles they give you a working game and the development cycle for those that aren’t seems a lot less. Coming back now and then to play around with the new updates and such doesn’t really hurt the experience either, in fact, that’s the optimal style of play there. MMO’s just don’t work like that, they require a bit more focus and dedication, even in these alpha states and to put that much time into something that is terrible unfinished and incomplete kills all the enjoyment for me from then and into the future. I’m done ruining my excitement for games that way. I’m wasting all that time to have it all wiped away. I’m done paying for these mmo’s I’m unlikely to play in a reasonable state for the next few years. And I’m definitely done spending my money on it.

So no Crowfall for me, at least not until it hypothetically releases in the next 2 or more years.


Link Dead Radio: the Kindness of Strangers

The Links

  • Blessing with Kings follows on from he Article by the mmo gypsy in looking at the ways FF 14 makes space for kindness with the use of, sometimes unoptimal mechanics.
  • Champion She Wolf muses on what causes the best in slot mentality and the way it damages play and enjoyment
  • Robo Heart Beat looks at agency and storytelling in games; the ways the interact and improve the experience but can also be just as engaging when set apart.
  • Link Saves Zelda writes what I’ve been meaning too lately, and far more succinctly, about the unimportance of game length.
  • Sprites and Dice writes about Robo craft and the way creative freedom can bring about greater player empowerment.

The Vids

game about making snowpeoples that looks absolutely adorable.


Resident Evil Revelations 2

ascent – the ugly but far better elite dangerous

MMO’s and What I Want

One thing that I’ve been thinking with all these recent kickstarter,and the orgy of ideals being thrown around with them is, what do I want from an mmo? That sounds like a pretty simple question on the surface. There is a lot of little things that make up an mmo but in the end, a question like that comes down to fundamentals.

Fundamentals though are a lot harder to pin down. They are the guiding principle to an mmo, the thing that all other mechanics and principles fall back to; that reference and interact together. That mold it all into something workable. Something engaging but it is always those fundamentals that guide development and the game’s systems.

For me I nailed down 3 points.


Now that is just some token system like the usual mmo has. something to grind  for no reason whatsoever, that has no place within end game systems bar a few trinkets they deem to give you out of raiding. No, what I want is a real economy, one that doesn’t suffer from the same exacerbated inflation, soften of course by more shiny baubles and artificial gold sinks. I don’t want an economy that only encompasses certain parts of the experience. I want an economy that encompasses the entire game, that has it’s tendrils in every aspect of it. That shows growth and meaning as a whole.

Basically Eve in a sense. Something you can look towards and marvel at the complex and integrated nature of it. Where you can find your own little niche within the system and still be considered value. A system that is fulfilling a constant need or collection, creation and destruction.

For Territory and Space to Matter

I am kind of over how the modern mmo seems to delight in obsoleting large tracks of land. For most of it, it’s components, quests, resources and whatever else to be practically meaningful once you’ve levelled beyond it. I want a large world wherein every single inch of it can be considered either valuable or necessary. A place people want and need to go or space that is a necessity for the systems to work (travel time).

But it’s more than that as well. I want space to be meaningful to the individual. A place somewhere they they call call their own. To plant their claim and build up their home over time. Somewhere they can grow from and come back to.

I want space to matter for groups and guilds. Somewhere they endeavor to control and struggle for. That creates meaning to being with a group but rewards those endeavors. That creates continuous short and long term goals to work towards.

That creates global action that is constantly shifting back and forth.

Make Your Own Stories

Now this one is a little more vague but just as meaningful as the others. I’ve had guided experiences for too long now. I know, without a second glance the story and themes that are going to be told to me over a long, boring grind through this restrictive narrative. There is no real place for our own stories to be during that and not enough interaction to make them matter.

I want a world where  I can make my own world around it. Where I can engage where and how I want, in the ways I want and then create my own narrative around that. I want the chance to be able to create my own characterizations and then, live them out in a meaningful way. Mostly, I want freedom of self, freedom to be and freedom to create.

Couch Podtatoes Episode 35: Crowfall and Niche MMOs


Talk about the new project called Crowfall and the parts they are doing differently. We also discuss our interest in the different server types in how it gives people greater options for play, and the other niche mmo’s that are trying similar things

Originally posted on Me Vs. Myself and I:


This week we’re taking a look at the new MMO on the block, Crowfall. It’s kickstarter is already almost funded, and stretch goals may also be met (if they’re added). We dive into what the game is all about, and how much different it is than other MMOs currently on the market or in development. We also talk about some other niche MMOs that felt related, in that they have different ideas that the rest of the genre seems to be avoiding. That’s really all there is to it, so listen in and we’ll catch you next time.

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 35: Crowfall and Niche MMOs (runtime: 53:23)

What are we playing? (starts at 1:05)
Discussion: Crowfall (starts at 11:22)

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Democratic Dialogues

A post I’ve been thinking about for a while but never got around to writing. The benefits of being unemployed i guess and far more rested haha.

A while ago during our Couch PODtatoes episode about politics we got to talking a little about the differences in our countries practices when it comes to voting. Having just completed our own process for a state election in Australia I found it interesting how the others talked about their own process and about my own.

You see, here in Australia we have a compulsory system wherein everyone, or at least a close approximation of that votes. There is a registration period that needs to be done, some people fall through the cracks but by and large it is a country wherein most of the population has a say, however silly, or misguided they may be (i voted the pirate party for a senate position after all) in which parties get in charge.

Thinking about it, that is kind of the best way to do it otherwise you end up having a system completely controlled by the loudest and largest special interest groups. Now bear with me, cause here’s where I get to the mmo bit, but wouldn’t it be better if our mmo communities, talks and forums were more like this as well.

At the moment it seems much more like the American system. Certain groups have control. Certain voices and certain ideologies dominate and the rest either don’t bother to engage in the discussion or don’t have the impact they should. I think that is the main problem with most of these forums nowadays, it just becomes an echo chamber of the same ideas, ultimately I think that is rather damaging towards these games.

I’m not saying that developers should take into account every persons or groups ideas, that would be rather damaging but having a more diverse community wherein all ideas have a place to be discussed rather than shouted down would be a far better thing. Contains Moderate Peril had a post around then as well-looking at the issues with continuing a consensus and the pressures of conforming to that, and it really is an issue we should be aware of.

We do need a place where opinions can be freely shared but with the internet being the internet this is often and impossibility. The Main form of communication these days seems to be official forums and reddit, yet these are too often controlled by a bias party and single-minded focus. Twitch a little too but then that has just become a place for catcalling. How do we change this then to gain greater variety, the voice of the majority? I have no idea, it’s not something you can force, it’s only something you can entice but it is something that should be worked towards.


Virtual Reality and Exploring the Realm

I have a confession to make. I’ve never actually been interested i the whole virtual reality fad that has been going around. I never gave a bollocks about 3d tv and I certainly never cared about occulus and the other one with the trenchcoat.

In my mind it is these kind of technologies that mostly just get in the way of playing a game. Yeh they have certain interesting aspects but it always ends up being in that weird middle ground. The uncanny valley of visuals and controls. It’s never polished enough, it never works exactly like it should with the game and it just ends up being a little too frustrating, cumbersome and annoying to use.

And then I saw this video and suddenly got excited.

Yes I get that the visuals are sub par but it is the possibilities that excite me. I don;’t care about gaming in virtual reality but being able to just explore varying worlds, or even just parts of our own world AND UNIVERSE that get mapped out is rather amazing. I want to experience that. To be immersed in these spaces.

As the technology involves I think these sorts of endeavors will only increase and the fidelity of the image will of course improve as well. How awesome would it be to just pick up that strange helmet one day and then decide to maybe climb up to see machu picchu one day. Or visit the depths of the ocean. And, like what is shown the surface of mars. That makes me excited.

It’s also why I don’t want the Vision of No Man’s Sky to change. I want to use it as the vast universal playground, a space to endless explore to fulfill those base instincts I have. If it were to become something “more” than that then I don’t think I’d be as interested anymore, well at least not in the VR aspects anyway.

The strengths of the VR system is in exploring space. Immersing you into a world. Making the environment and the experience that much more real and meaningful and having to game it up. To use controllers and all that nonsense as extensively just seems like it would take me out of that.

My Anime of Old

I’ve been on a bit of an anime kick again lately but tinted of trying out all the new interesting  titles I’ve been meaning to I’ve instead hopped in the nostalgia train and began watching all my old favourite animes.

And doing that I thought I’d take the opportunity to write what those are and why I loved them so much.

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Awesomely Unemployed

So I am now officially unemployed. I handed i my resignation a few weeks back as I needed to give some notice before the finale day. I worked out that time and surprisingly the boss ad owners weren’t complete tools during the entire time like they have been to other staff that were leaving. Of course I’ would have liked to see them try haha.

Yesterday was my last day and it was nice to say goodbye to everyone, colleagues and parent’s. I’ve been there quite a while and looked after many of the children over the years there and it was nice to see how much the parents cared and appreciated my work. Got some sweet pressies too although I think the drawing from one of my toddlers was particularly awesome. She loves space ship pretend play which I’m happy to join in with so she drew a little scene for me, mum putting in the names of course haha.

And now, here I am. Thursday morning doing nothing and unemployed


I had a months worth of Holiday pay still owing so that should be paid out with my next pay that gives me a lot of leeway to find new work. Child Care is an industry with a lot of turn over too so hopefully it won’t be long before I find a position somewhere. I’ve sent out the resume, rug a few people already and general done a little of searching but mostly leaving all the footwork till monday. For no it’s time for a bit of a relax.

I am still thinking about it though. I am wondering if that was the right move. Leaving a paying position is always a gambit when you don’t have something already lined up but it’s one of those things, especially for me that I kind of have to do it in order to be more vigilant in more searches. It still something that plays on your mind though, the worry for the future, what the next job will be like and, I’m guessing with a little more time the people and children I worked with.

looking back

Of course now I have a lot of time on my hands and a lot of plans to catch up on. I have a notebook bristling with ideas that are begging to be written down. I want to make some more youtube videos of course, not sure what just yet but there will be something. OOOO.. that dark souls playthrough haha. I have been thinking about using this time to get my blog self hosted too, that is a little scary though …. and a lot of work. Wondering if the benefit is actually there.


Oh and now that I am unattached send all job offers through. And you developers, I’ll totally sell out as well ;)


The Allured, Ignorant and Inattentive

Lately I’ve been wondering how stupid we all truly are. I mean there is a few I read and know that are above that yet feel sorry for, for having to constantly watch all us dumb people screw up the industry. The issue is that it appears we just don’t learn from our mistakes, like at all. The same issues keep popping up again and again and we all mostly continue to support these same issues again and again.

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Couch Podtatoes Episode 34: Crowd Funding

Originally posted on Me Vs. Myself and I:


It’s a bit late but late is better than never right? Due to my lack of attention, I wasn’t able to secure Doone’s participation in the show this week until the weekend, so we’re releasing episode 34 a tad late, but Doone made it and we had a great discussion about the current state of crowd funding, touching on recent stories about Massively Overpowered, Daybreak Games, and the Peter Molyneux interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. We discuss the ethics of crowd funding and where we see the future of the industry going, gaming journalism as well. Are you ready to enter the digital frontier, once again?

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 34: Crowd Funding (runtime: 51:34)

What are we playing? (starts at 2:26)
Discussion: Digital Frontier (starts at 14:24)

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Blog: Me vs. Myself and I

Blog: Healing The Masses
Twitter: @ausj3w3l

Blog: XP Chronicles

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