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Welcome to the Podcast page for COUCH PODTATOES. A place where we discuss gaming mechanics, news and opinions with a little extra crazy flair from me and Izlain of ME VS Myself and I.


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Couch Podtatoes 34: Crowd Funding

releasing episode 34 a tad late, but Doone made it and we had a great discussion about the current state of crowd funding, touching on recent stories about Massively Overpowered, Daybreak Games, and the Peter Molyneux interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. We discuss the ethics of crowd funding and where we see the future of the industry going, gaming journalism as well. Are you ready to enter the digital frontier, once again?


Couch Podtatoes 33: Politics 

his is part two of our previous week’s discussion, this time we answer similar questions about gaming when looking through a political lens. The first ten minutes or so devolves into us just talking politics, so you can skip that if you wish, but if you are unfamiliar with political leanings outside of your own country, it might be insightful. Overall this show is basically a repeat of the last, while swapping topics, but that isn’t to say it wasn’t an interesting discussion! Roger and Jaedia helped us fill out the discussion once again. Take a listen and enjoy!


Couch Podtatoes 32 Religion in gaming

Welcome back for another episode of Couch Podtatoes! This week we lured Jaedia and Roger back to the show to help us tackle a controversial issue. The topic at hand is Religion in Gaming, and/or how Religion can affect games. It’s the standard guest format once again, where we talk about what we’ve been playing and then dive into the discussion. We present our religious affiliations and then I ask some important questions of the group, giving my own feedback as well. I think it was done in a way that won’t offend anyone, but I was unable to get any diehard religious folk to take part in the show, so it may be a little one sided. You be the judge. Enjoy the show.


Couch Podtatoes 31; Community Content

I took to Twitter earlier in the week and asked for a volunteer to come onto the show. The idea was that instead of just having a guest on the show for a pre-planned topic, we would instead let the guest pick our brains and come up with their own topic, and just roll with it. An organic conversation full of interesting ums and ahs should follow, right? The person who took up the call was none other than Chris, from the blog Through Wolfy’s Eyes, whom we’ve spotlighted a time or two in the past. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to accommodate time frames, Eri had a scheduling conflict so she was unable to make show time, so I’m happy to present the “Sausage Fest Edition” of Couch Podtatoes. I won’t spoil any further surprises, so dive right in, when you’re ready.


Couch Podtatoes 30: H1Z1 CControversy

This week we’re taking a look at the controversy surrounding H1Z1’s launch. I happen to be playing the game as you all well know, and I happen to enjoy it, and don’t see what the big deal is. Eri is respectfully disagreeing with me on more than one issue, so we hash it out for a bit. Coincidentally, we’re also talking about another controversy that popped up during the week, where Heroes of the Storm went into Beta, and Blizzard decided to throw “founder’s packs” into the mix, adding more fuel to the already hateful Early Access fire. Count them for our Idiots on the Internet this week. Lastly we take a look at Aywren’s blog once again, where she wrote an interesting piece on storytelling in MMOs, and how mediocre it is these days. Let the battle begin. Fight!


Couch Podtatoes 29: Geder Identity

As I said last week, we did a longer recording session, so here’s the latter half of that, which is Doone’s Digital Frontier in its entirety. It’s a fun discussion based on his post that you can read over here. Basically we talk about how we identify ourselves in games, how gender effects people’s viewpoints of others while playing together, and a bunch of other subtopics that meld into the complete package. Did that sound official enough? Okay, good. I’m done here. Enjoy the show!


Couch Podtatoes 28: Back to the Future

Our topic for the week revolves around future tech that is forthcoming and some cool technological advances that are presently coming out. We were inspired by the movie Back to the Future, as one of the scenes takes place in the year 2015, so we thought it would be cool to compare our current tech with ideas that have been presented in games and movies of the past. It’s a pretty interesting conversation, so have a listen and enjoy!


Couch Podtatoes 27; Most Anticipated of 2015

After taking a week off, it’s a New Year and we’re talking about what games we are most anticipating in 2015! We catch up on what we’ve been doing and what we picked up during the Steam Holiday Sale, and then we dive into a number of titles that we can’t wait to play. Later we take a look at some of the Holiday blogging events that just wrapped up in our little community, including Bloggy Xmas and Listmas. You can find links to those sites down in the notes. I also added my list of most anticipated games in the notes as well. We’ll be back to regular schedule for the foreseeable future, so get caught up and we’ll see you again next week!


Couch Podtatoes 26: Clip Show

This week’s show is a little different in that it’s not a usual show. It’s more of a year in review of the podcast, where I took some of the funniest or most memorable bits from all of our shows of this year and compiled them together to make a show that’s (hopefully) full of laughs and insightful bits. I have a lot of fun putting this together, so I hope you enjoy taking a ride through time with us. That’s really all I can say, so take a listen and enjoy!


Couch Podtatoes 25: Da Favourites of 2014

Being December, the year is coming to a close. We chose to round up some of the best games of 2014 and talk about them. To pick these games, we just decided that they had to have released (or entered early access, or completed [think episodic games]) in 2014 and we had to have played the game. As such, some of the games that we chose as our favorites might not line up with yours, but you might also be made of money, and we are not (at least, I’m not). Our lists had a little bit of cross over and I think that the discussion that ensued was pretty fun. Light-hearted if you will. We skipped over the other sections of the regular show format, and be warned we ramble a lot, so this show is on the longer side. It is our second to last episode of the year though, so why not? I should also mention that being episode #25, and the month of December, we’ve now been around for 6 whole months already! Thanks for keeping us motivated by listening, commenting, reviewing, and generally being a part of the community. Here’s to 6 more months! Enjoy the show.
Couch Podtatoes 24: Gaming Culture

Welcome back to the show! This week we dive into the culture of gaming, and really, the culture of the Internet as a hole. I’m not sure if you’ll notice, but we’ve been taking more of a free-form approach to our discussions in recent weeks, not really being as structured and just letting the conversation flow to where ever it may. I think it’s made for some organic conversations, and it’s a little more casual, laid back and accessible. Anyway, we talk about some of the good and bad stuff when it comes to gaming culture, and then insert some personal experiences and other related stories into the mix. Personally I’ve been having a lot of fun with the show as of late, so I think that should reflect in the finished product. For Idiots on the Internet we take a look at the recent CS:GO Dreamhack tourney debacle, and then we highlight the fabulous Bloggy Xmas Holiday Countdown that was started by Syl of MMO Gypsy, of which I have already made my contribution. So have a listen and enjoy!



Couch Podtatoes 23: East vs West

For episode #23 we’re going to be taking a look at the vast differences between eastern and western games, from their marketing ploys to the gameplay contained therein. This devolves into a rather long rant about many social and cultural differences between the two sides of the world, but is interesting nonetheless. Later we take a look at a banned Kickstarter attempt, where a couple of guys who have already claimed credit for a few other pranks were trying to fund a rather weird gaming peripheral. Lastly, we talk about a recent post on Hardcore Casual, where Syncaine talks about burnout being a myth. Take a listen, and enjoy the show!



Couch Podtatoes 22: Gaming Pschology

Couch Podtatoes 21: Seasonal Events


Couch Podtatoes 20: Eliminating Levels


Couch Podtatoes 19: PvP Side Up


Couch Podtatoes 18: News Show


Couch PODtatoes 17: Horror Show – Our favourite Horror games and what interests us about them


Couch POdtatoes 16: The Male Body Image – where we talk about the stereotypes of male characters in games


Couch PODtatoes 15: Bragtoberfest


Couch PODtatoes 14: Interview with the community Manager of Anook


Couch PODtatoes 12: Favourite Game Characters – some Guests and Izzy


Couch PODtatoes 11: Expansion Envy – Discussion about expansions and updates styles in games


Couch PODtatoes 10Attack of the clones – Discussion about cloning and iteration of games


Couch PODtatoes 9: Blaughust Bonanza – Discussion around a few articles that appealed to us this week


Couch PODtatoes 8: Nostalgia Trip – Looking at the prevalence of retro games and there appeal


Couch PODtatoes 7: Sandbox Roundtable – Where we sit comfortably as armchair developers and discuss sandbox game mechanics


Couch PODtatoes 6: Successful Sexism – DIscussion on doing sexism right and bringing light to inequalities 3


Couch PODtatoes 5: Attack of the Beaverine – Discussion about diversity of characters in the industry


Couch PODtatoes 4: Enter the Esports – Discussion about what MObas are and where the state of ESports is now


Couch PODtatoes 3: Digital Distribution – They varying ways in which we by, retrieve and play media these days


Couch PODtatoes 2: Player Rights – What are our consumer and player rights within the gaming industry? What do we own, what should we expect and what ability do we have to enact change?


Couch PODtatoes 1: Rise of the Podtatoe – Looking at End game mechanics

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