Link Dead Radio: Listmas cheer

The Links

  • Listmas is here again so look out for some great lists around the blogs, and probably the united we game twitter. First I’ll just highlight A new Blog I noticed, Hack and Slash Gaming, giving the game franchises they hope get sequels in the current gen. Next United We Game looks at the things they’ve learned from Pokemon leaf Green
  • Plus Ten Damage have had some great reviews. The recent-ish one was a review for Elegy of a dead world, that weird indie game i was looking at that is part creative writing exercise but done so brilliantly.
  • Inventory Full checks out the new Landmark update because it seems no one else is and gives a recount of a few of the new mechanics.
  • She Attack gives the rant I wish I had about Broken and Unfinished games this year.
  • Wolfys Eyes looks at the argument around esports as a legitimate competition and sport
  • Party Business Wonders about using other players and friends minions for combat. I’ve wondered about ways to use character assets like this and it sounds kind of fun.
  • Camelot Unchained Had a big reveal of a class as well as their progression style of system and there is a lot of info to check out. First their site and forums of course, it was covered with an interview at massively of course. And keen and Graev got a great interview too.

The Vids

First video is from the Lovely Gypsy Syl for Listmas – Best Video Game Music of 2014

Grand Theft Auto Online – Heists

cities xxl

Another Final Fantasy 15 Trailer

I have to admit the production values on some of these star citizen vids is impressive

Watch some kids play retro games.. this time megaman