Project Zomboid Winners

Congratulations to all that picked up a copy and sorry to those that missed out this time… dats the way it is I’m afraid.

First Prize for the story that made me laugh was AmAvocet and his plans for survival, and to make the best zombie chow out.. so evil but rather funny take on the Soylent green style Mystery… except icky.. er

I’d hole up in a meat-packing plant. With barriers set appropriately, any undead attempting to reach me will be funneled into the abattoir to be reduced to Purina Zombie Chow. Once packed in cans, they will be stored to use as trade goods when civilization’s new barter economy is in full swing. (There will be no ingredients listed on the cans.)


For the others I fed the names at random into a randomiser type program to get the next 3 winners and it came out like this


  • Aywren
  • Isey
  • Dahakha
  • praseek
  • Randark
  • Joseph
  • jeromai

so top three are our winners for the random Ballet.. CONGRATS. I’ll try getting in touch with codes soon. Although if I can’t well… you might need to contact my site email healingthemasses at hotmail … or contact me through twitter


I expect to hear some more cool survival stories in the weeks ahead, and have fun becoming zombie chow.


8 thoughts on “Project Zomboid Winners

  1. Oh wow, awesome! Thank you Eri, you’re very generous!
    You can find me in your Steam friends list as Menashi. 🙂 I will be sure to write up my adventures for your gruesome enjoyment!

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