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The Links

  • The Murf Valentine Special is upon us where he showcases a bunch of really amazing blogs that you totes be following ( in a non ironic way), with some words from the heart.

Bit of a Blogging meta discussion going on due to the recent news of the joystiq closures and subsequent crowdfunding efforts and I know I’m missing one important post because reasons but here’s the rest.

  • Dragons and Whimsy is discussing the reluctance you sometimes feel to put forward your own opinion. Not me though, I’m old and cranky. One thing was also about recognising the line in the sand and I would think, if you’re passionate enough about a subject than you really should cross that line. Of course there are matters of human decency involved but if it’s just an opinion on games and such, rather than personhood than I would think it’s ok.
  • Clean Casuals looks at the differences from being a hobby and a profession with a little personal experience. It’s also mentioned about having the want to be a game journalist, and all the work and issues involved rather than the ability.
  • The Beyond Bossfights Podcast has a conversation about game blogging with the famous, well around these parts, JUSTIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiN… OLLL-III-VETIIIIIII.. *cue confetti* ..”umm we didn’t buy any confetti”. Oh and while you’re there check out his post about episodic content and the craze for quicker content cycles hurting mmo’s.

And some others about actually interesting stuff to those not addicted to the psychological trauma that is blogging.

  • MMO Gypsy talks a little bit about addiction and personal responsibility as well as those lines in the sand
  • Murf has an article that I totally forgot to put in last week so yeh, it’s extra special. He talks about monetisation and the creeping ways certain methods are rapidly progressing in the industry
  • Occasional Hero has a fun post about franchises that would make great mmo’s. Still waiting for someone to fund my western world.
  • Plus Ten damage has a long, in depth and interesting post about the differences between good and bad difficulty, going into a lot of different points. Like seriously… go read it.

The Vids

I laughed way to hard at these made up sounds

Sunsless Sea Launch Trailer

Warhammer 40.000 regicide whatever…. basically games workshop chess

Mighty Quest Trailer

Cities XXL


Assasins Creed Rogue Pc

Persona 5 thingy

Dragons Dogma Online – no idea what they are talking about but I want it

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