Link Dead Radio: Identifying with the Industry

oh what dastardly plots I’ve run a foul of, bringing my post to the pit of despair. Planning to undo me in the most wicked of ways, curled around me and suffocating the will of the scheduled post. In other words the unemployment/ vacation vibes made me forget what day it was.. so i missed a day.

But alas, you are still trapped within the telling of these terrible tales of trite tidbits.

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Link Dead Radio: the Kindness of Strangers

Following links is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get

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Link Dead Radio – The “how do I get this many videos a week” edition


This week week we have some excellent article looking at the undercurrents of sexism within gaming and society as a whole, an impassioned plea really. And then there is the usual collection of critiques and boundless optimism about mmo’s

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Link Dead Radio: New Blog Banter

Is it a rant, is it a Ramble.. NO. It’s the champion of all the defender of rambles. The champion of Rants. The Prophet of all that is bloggy and awesome.. LINK… DEAD… RADIOOOOOOOOOO.. *applause*

This week I’ve been scouring the deep dark alleys and canals of the bloggy backwaters for new, amazing blogger to add to my ever growing collection. I’m like the Collector from guardians of the galaxy… except for gamey blogs. CHECK EM out. Oh.. and there’s other stuff from some other boring old bloggers… =p

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We interrupt your regular scheduled rants and ramkbles for this special.. ONE TIME OFFER to the first 500 customers. An amazing blog offer of astounding proportions. Just look at what it has there, and wonder how your miserable life can possibly continue without it.

Of course just send a cashiers check too ERI IS AMAZING and your blogs will be in the mail.

Or continue on… whichever is good for you

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The Mood for Youtube

So I’ve been steadily making reviews for the youtube channel now, going for 1 a month and mostly getting there. The problem is I’m not sure if what I’m making is any good. Yes, we all say that when creating new content I guess but this time I more feel like the style of review I am making just isn’t me.

From what I see they are just far too stuffy and analytical, that just sounds and feels unnatural to me. My written style is more expressive and that and I want to portray that more within these short reviews. It’s not that I think this is how it should be done, I have always been more interested in the experience people tell when giving an impression and that’s what I tend to do too.

The Project Zomboid one was probably close to this, and probably one of my most watched because of that but then for the Armello one it was way too stiff.

I think I am still a little bit nervous about this whole talking so much stuff, especially since I know they quality of the mic isn’t the best, or good. It seems, like most things this whole youtube content creation business is a lot harder than it looks.

Anyway, I think I’ll keep at it. It portrays the message of certain things a lot easier than written and having gameplay is always good. The problem is I’m still not sure what type of content I even want to create just yet.

Thoughts appreciated

Also, just wondering what people you watch on youtube as well and why?

link dead radio: Farewells and Fun

WELCOME BACK WOOOOOOOOO…. exicted again.. Ravished for interesting articles. Need that next hit of blogging goodness from around this backwater of the interwebz.
oh well, that’s what you get anyway and this week we have a collection of farewells, New blog goodness, early access ideas and some thoughts on fun.

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Dark Souls: The Church Challenge

For these vids I was mostly around the church area, exploring the spaces around it, the harder enemies and fighting the two bosses in the area. The lightning one seemed a bit hard for now so I focused on the Gargoyles above the church and eventually took them down. I was so pumped after this, my heart was beating and that moment of elation lasted a bit longer

Part 9: Crushed at the church

Exploratino around the church and the elements that are there. Clearing out enemies nd getting some more souls. Take on the two mini bosses in the area, the Knight and caster, and end up killing them pretty quick.

The next two are lots of trying and dying to the two bosses, bit of a challenge for the melee type like me

Part 10: Destroyed by Demons

Part 11: Grounded Gargoyles

Final fight of the Gargoyles here starting at 28:30

Most Anticipated Indie of 2015 – the youtube version

I madez new videos… more dark souls nonsense but also A compilation video of all the major indie titles I’m looking forward to in the new years. Mostly the same as the written list although there were a few titles I remembered that weren’t written down like A flame in the Flood, Galak-z, Aztez, Helldivers, Maia, Sunless Seas, and Chaos Reborn.

And this isn’t even all of the smaller titles I’m excited for. It’s definitely going to be a great year.

Let’s Play Dark Souls – Battling the Big Ugly

Lots more Dark souls fun and failing. Still very much getting used to the mechanics of the game and combat and a lot of general grinding for some more stats.

Heaps of boss fighting and getting splatted by the big ugly Minotaur thing although I did finally beat it in Part 5.. YAY. Progress starts speeding up a lot from here as I think that was the main difficulty wall to get over for a while.