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Well, I maybe mostly played just one game this week. Hearthstone and yes, please send help. I got hopelessly addicted to the arena’s this week and trying to work my way back up the ladder. It’s been a frustrating failure in a few ways, only making it to rank 13 but rather fun too. Instead of going on about that for another post  I thought I’d write an overview down of my Shaman deck instead.

I don’t have a special names for it just yet as I’m really not that imaginative when it comes to naming things. I believe Izlain called it my troll shaman deck so, let’s go with that. Yes, the character for a shaman is a troll but it’s also a play on words being that the deck can really annoy with how it’s got an answer for just about everything… Barring getting card screwed of course. It’s a deck I believe could take me further if and when I get a cuple decent legendaries and of course with lots of luck.

Anyway, here it is

Troll Shammy

A mix of spells and minions and as far As Shaman Decks go it’s pretty standard.

Beginning of matches can definitely be it’s weakest time. You’re relying on some of those early card removals to protect your build up and some of those rush decks will go completely unchallenged without anything on the board. Once you do get started though it’s a deck that gains a lot of momentum.

Key Cards

Fire elemental is a beast, getting to through out 3 damage, anywhere on the board is an amazing thing. You can finish off opponent, weaken them for something else or even take out those key cards being protected  damage and  healthh is quite good as well, giving you excellent board removal.

Unbound Elemental for the cost, isn’t bad. Don’t worry too much about playing it when you have it and without buffing. he can survive that early turn with the 4 health to get a buff later, if anything he either provides board presence or cops a decent spell. Buffed up it is a decent minion but I never see it get that far up before it’s targeted

Taunts.. I love em.. and might just change Gagetzan for another. The way this deck works is by protecting your main assets, Totems annd such that can have a large effect on the board at times. Senjin of course but then I think Feral Spirit provides an even more crucial roll for providing early protection, being split up makes them actually harder to remove at that time too, and most board clear spells are around 2 damage. I would just recommend playing them on turn three and not using a mana card on turn two as this will usually leave you too short in order to add to the paying field. Being able to add a totem down early really helps, another taunt, healing is great and even spell power will help you remove cards

Defender of argus is there to provide that little more protection. He mostly gets used on the hero power totems, just so i can protect the other main minions.


Lots of abilities to remove cards.

Hex is of course the most annoying but just be wary when using. It’s your complete removal. While the 1st can often be used how you want I would hold the second for the eventually legendary. Big removal cards became an asset and I found another hex would have been really useful, this is why i added Lava burst. another one I don’t think is needed but that one extra big minion removal spell is invaluable

Lightning storm because, in a lot of  matches a good table flip is needed. You will find yourself tempted by the rng gods a lot too, for that extra spell power totem but be wary of what totems are already out, and what  totems you have had before. Sometimes it might be better to play a card.

Lightning Bolt main purpose is early removal as those first cards are always 2 or 3 health and if left unchecked can and do win games. Rockbiter is more of the same however, you can add it onto minions for even more damage if you don’t want get hurt. One trick that ends games quickly is to team these with windfurry, for me that’s a Windspeaker as for the two extra cost over the spell I could get a 3/3 minion as well.


Mostly playing shaman is about playing the long game. A big priority is keeping the board clear while also keeping the mobs you can safe. Think before you leap with the shaman. Don’t just put down a minion, think about what’s there already and what your opponent might have to remove it. Sometimes it might be better just getting a totem.

Always be aware of the Overload cost and plan accordingly. Don’t leave yourself short in the following turn or, at least have a plan. It’s a great mechanic for getting more early on but can leave you weaker in the turn after if you’re not prepared.

Early spells should be used instead of minions at the start. Having that early board superiority is extremely important. And will help you build up momentum. Don’t worry too much about what else you could do later on with 3 damage or the axe, by that stage, with minions and totems you should be ok. Off course save hex and lava burst, these should be saved for key targets.

Hex is just brilliant for the cost. The first is fine but the second you savour. Also think about whether it’s better to silence instead of hex.

Totems might seem useless at first compared to other abilities, a spell or a minion but they have a cumulative effect on the board. Healing totem in particular can help minions survive through things they normally couldn’t. In comparison with the other hero powers 2 health and with a healing totem means they will not be able to break through, even with a minion they won’t be able to as you can bring back the taunt each turn. Then if you can protect a minion of your own it’s gg at that stage.

Ancestral will help win matches, no other way to say that. Have that minion come right back immediately for the cost of two mana when it could have been much more is amazing. Personally I love saving one for the earth ele and most decks, while being able to remove it won’t have an answer for the death rattle. The other is used depending on the opponent and your situation. If you need damage a fire ele, if you need protection Senjin. If you need cards, then on the Mana Tide Totem. Sometimes it also might be better to wait and play that minion when you can apply this at the same time.

Changing Cards

So far there are a few cards I’m not quite sure one. For the cost and damage it does Stormforged axe just doesn’t help as much as I would like. At that stage I think a minion might be better, probably an ooze considering the amount of weapons you face. Or even Harvest Golem.

Flametongue totem is also quite situational. It needs protection in order to function, and how it changes the battlefield isn’t that substantial. what I have thought about is swapping this out for the legendary.

Gagetzan Auctioneer may also get changed. Card drawing seems better served from the Mana Tide totems and I feel protecting them would be more useful. Some sort of early taunt card, maybe another Defender of Argus

well dats all folks and have fun trolling people

Strats against each other Deck to come…

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5 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Troll Shaman

  1. I already named it for you, and you already mentioned that in the title, but you didn’t put it down right… It’s “Control Troll Shaman”. I started up a Murlock (Murloc + Warlock) that is working pretty well, but I need to get Jarraxis or whatever the fuck his name is.

    • jarraxis is just insane, best legendary by far… so op. The warlock deck, once you get all the components is pretty strong for just how easy it is to play and pull off but to me it just feels cheap. Your also very reliant on the opponent not having decent removal cards.

      the control troll… yeh, but as has been pointed out it isn’t a troll haha

  2. The character for a Shaman is an Orc, named Thrall.
    It is an interesting deck. And as you explained Shamans are all about long-term. I prefer the opposite. Blitz, straight for the throat, leaving my opponent to try and deal with what I throw at him. Not giving him the time to do what he wants to. I really should start working on a warrior deck.
    The deck seems a bit scarce on minions, but I am guessing you mitigate that with the hero ability.
    Did you consider which legendary, if you could choose you would put in this deck?

    • oh really? haha woops. I thought, because of the teeth and everything. Oh well
      The war deck is a decent one of your looking for burst, as is warlock actually. I feel warlock has more sustain though with the extra card draws. For me, fights with war are determined on how your initial card draw is. If I have a couple early removals then I’m pretty much assured to pull out the win. If not they get the momentum they need.

      Yeh, you do tend to use the hero power a lot but don’t forget, ancestral spirit kind of counts as a minion. I’m thinking i need another early minion though. my weakest time seems to be 1-4 mana. If i get the spirit wolves I’m fine, 2 minions in one is great but they don’t always show up.

      For legendaries, I already have ragnaros.. or whatever he’s called. Was thinking maybe Cairne Bloodhoof. With ancestral spirit the deathrattle would be funny. I die and spawn 2 4/5 ‘s..maybe sylvannas for the deathrattle too. I really like Ysera, it just pumps out some decent cards but I think that cards the the more popular one.

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